Anthony Pettis To Fight Nate Diaz


Odds. It's probably as they get worse. You know throw going three to five. I would say they'll probably hang a three three and a half is pretty standard for cormie fights as he is usually usually in championship main event fights for that five around duration so i would say it's probably right around three and a half <hes>. I'm not going to get involved. Both of these guys you know they can put the lights gourmet. That's the fact and you know nobody has really been better in that transition game of of pulling off stoppages in really winning the fight pillar to post if it went to a decision or if it didn't got finished along the way so i'm not gonna probably be getting involved in this either way from a betting perspective as the current prices but you know from a pig perspective man and you're never gonna get me to bet against a new corey unless he's fighting one john jones and that's the stance at i'll take on this one as well all right so we definitely have a lot to look forward to here in the main event now of course be pulling for steeping. Maybe i'll put i don't know maybe i'll put the emotional hedge on cormet here in this one but we've got some very good fights on the card otherwise anthony pettus and nate diaz pedestal right now minus one thirty favourite over at the sl. What are you thinking about this fight here christian yeah making his return polarizing guy and polarizing figure in the sport hasn't fought since the mcgregor series back in two thousand sixteen march fifth and august twentieth and you know if you kind of take those out of their <hes> the last wind comes in other take away his mcgregor win but it is what it is last wins have come in two thousand sixteen in two thousand fifteen nate diaz because of who he is is in the persona that he brings to the table largely gets a pass when it comes to the tactical version of it being mixed martial artist. He's a boxer man and and i'm not trying to take away from what he is but you know losses against rafael dough sanyo's josh thomson <hes> benson hernandez rory macdonald decay kim <hes> <hes> you know not exactly the murderers row of a resume india's largely gets a pass because people just absolutely love him on the other side. I feel like if it's just kind of won't we'll go away but he keeps fighting. Despite you know having to kind of the same analysis

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