Top U.S. lawmaker demands answers in Jeffrey Epstein's death


General bar said today in effect. Don't don't blame me. Attorney general bar claimed to be quote appalled and angry. Those were his words about the death of jeffrey epstein and he made it very clear. Hurwitz is in line to take the fall for this one. We are now learning of serious irregularities. At this facility ability that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation so william bar is clearly going to point downward word and blame hugh hurwitz or someone lower down the chain of command the federal correction center in new york jeffrey epstein died. Maybe the bar investigation will ultimately i point the finger at the unionized guards who failed to keep jeffrey epstein alive or the chief psychologist correctional center who was supposed to be in charge of the suicide watch of jeffrey epstein and the aftermath of the suicide watch of jeffrey epstein after jeffrey epstein reportedly tried to kill himself last month he was placed on suicide watch wjr for some period of time and then reportedly taken off suicide watch. The federal bureau of prisons rules for suicide watches were written in two thousand seven when hugh you. Her wits was working at the department of education. It's entirely possible hugh. Her wits had no idea what those rules were until he got the judiciary committee's letter tonight. One of the rules says once an inmate has been placed on watch. The watch may not be terminated under any circumstance without the program coordinator nater or designated performing a face to face evaluation. Only the program coordinator will have the authority to remove an inmate from suicide watch. The program coordinator is usually the prison's chief psychologist question twelve of the judiciary committee's letter to the bureau of prisons is does m._c._c. New york have have such a program coordinator did he or she authorized the removal of mr epstein from suicide watch. If not who did question thirteen to the program coordinator consult with anyone else <music> in making this determination. If so who question fourteen was the termination of mr epstein suicide watch by the official who who made such determination discussed with or directed by any supervisory personnel or leadership of the bureau of prisons or any department of justice personnel or executive branch personnel outside of the bureau prisons question fifteen who bureau of prisons department of justice and elsewhere in the executive branch was notified of the termination of mr epstein suicide suicide watch and went the trump. White house is the craziest whitehouse in history. It is the most reckless group of people who have ever worked in the white house and the president himself as the the most reckless of them. All the judiciary committee's letter signed by the top democrat and top republican on the committee is asking if anyone in the trump white white house was involved or aware of the removal of the suicide watch of jeffrey epstein. That's what's in question number. Fourteen was the termination a nation of mr epstein suicide watch discussed with or directed by any supervisory personnel or leadership the bureau prisons or any department just personnel or executive branch personnel was william bar involved was donald trump involved that is what is is in question number fourteen and the house judiciary committee is going to get answers to these questions to all of these questions including please provide information pertaining to the

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