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The Role Of TV In Today's Politics



Were joined by Brian Steinberg. He covers the business of advertising media and television variety. Hey Brian. How are you doing John. I'm I am well. Let's talk about the controversy over an ad that ran during last night's Democratic candidate debate. Tell us what that ad was about yeah. This is a spot showed New York Representative House Angie Occasional Cortez with becky burning on on camera. It's very dark and noticeable thing to do and probably not the norm. This is the face of socialism and ignorance does Alexandra Cossio Cortez. No the whore war socialism. My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life. That's socialism forced obedience chance starvation it was by somebody named Elizabeth hang and it was through a political action committee. What do we know about Elizabeth Tang and the Political Action Committee. Put The ad together we oh she's a Republican activist. I believe she's also a former congressional candidate who did not win when she did run so she did that and I think she she's a member this past. She's definitely a political operative some people are calling for a boycott of ABC the but it's unclear to me of the ad ran on the network or stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Do you know where it ran and who ran it. We're not quite clear that my guest and educated guess most political advertisers are quite I guess is probably medium small size probably could not afford a national ad buy on ABC in Primetime Mike the Strategy Policy would be to run the AD in certain markets that have the people they're trying unreach- most intently my educated guess would say they probably bought stations in certain markets where we're trying to make a point that could be big cities as well as small towns towns will definitely appears run in Washington. DC and a lot of people are now watching the ad online so it may not have been something that was approved by ABC but in rough terms what does it network have to say about what ads are and are not on its airwaves now works with these type of things typically typically. I think tried to not run ads that require them to give equal voice other parties and other what that means they would have to run commercials goals. Ad Infinitum for PLO things there are there are mistakes and they're having the passion they run certain commercials that are just so political that require an opposing viewpoint almost immediately or are. Are you know the claims verified immediately but they're supposed to kind of vet most commercials for clean competitive claims and that sort of thing and I would be suspicious. ABC Rams nationwide. I think it's important to note what the Sinclair Broadcast Group is because they are also not only an owner of almost two hundred rid stations across the country but they appear to have a political agenda and have been asking some of their news anchors to run political pieces that basically echo some talking points out of the trump White House so who's in Clare and why are they an important part of this story well sinclair is a massively large owner of stations they own stations that are of ABC and others they haven't known to set a conservative agenda in recent years to build their own newsgathering and news programming across the nation and they've also mandated in certain instances for their various local news programs to take up certain topics or broadcast certain editorials from people who were hired by Sinclair without always disclosing that the station ownership within the company ownership has certain political stances is there anything that people people could ask either sinclair or ABC to do in terms of response. Does the equal time idea still apply well when politicians get on they you know they're the network is typically. mandated to provide access to someone via posing as what they typically avoid. They're very strict about these these local commercials. I think you know this happened on. NBC RAN AN AD showing people swarming wall during the immigration controversy and it ran during football the ball one of the biggest shows on the schedule everyone saw and NBC actually came out with the same should not run was an error on our part that the ad ran so networks works are cognizant of these things and they usually wash more closely which is why we have to get the bomb whether they national random nationally ran station by station where the networks often are surprised to find out what some of the stations are putting on the air. It seems like a massive reached compare Alexandra Causo Cortes to Pol Pot or the Khmer Rouge but do the people who put this ad together have the freedom to suggest that even if it's not essentially factually true you're supposed to make verifiable verifiable claims now as for products politics can kind of range farther afield you see all kinds of claims and things and one reason that this is kind of flourishes in the majority. Giardi of political advertising takes place on the locals have local adds to your not national nationalists a far too expensive for most people to afford running on a regular basis and and be a not very targeted if you're if you're running for Senate in in Saint Louis. There's little reason to add New York City national candidate. Y- The president you can probably tell you the markets that are most up for

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The Role Of TV In Today's Politics

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