Republican Dan Bishop narrowly wins closely watched North Carolina special congressional election


To North Carolina now president trump is taking credit for a conservative Republicans win there and yesterday special election and that conservative Republican Dan bishop is giving trump all the credit bishop won the open ninth district house seat over the Democrat Democrat he a day after president trump held a rally there last night bishop praise truck during his victory speech we're not tired of waiting we're just getting started winning because we're seeing successful results. as for university Jacobs politics reporter for W. you and see and rusty you've been covering this campaign for months it's been a GOP stronghold for decades what's the reaction there to Denver ships when. well for Republicans is probably a sigh of relief it was a close race that was not a surprise but for the Democrats they may actually see a silver lining in the defeat I I think that the reaction for for Democrats is that this is an indication North Carolina is truly a battleground state you've got statewide races coming up in twenty twenty and so they're probably seen the more positive aspects of a close to feet well and how tight wasn't a rehearing five thousand votes that's right a little less than five thousand I believe in it's about a two percent margin and what's interesting is it's an eight county is a district that covers eight counties they were split Macready gotten the did the Democrat got four counties bishop got four Macready one where you would expect a Democrat to win he he won the more urban area of of Mecklenburg but he also got some swirl pockets Robison county Anson county so it just goes to show it's it's a very tight district but it is possibly an indication robin that no Democrat could win in the ninth district awaits strong even if you said that the best you could do is maybe a two percent margin well the president is saying that you know he not only helped them they should be really helped him he's tweeting out that bishop was down seventeen point three weeks ago and he asked me for help we change the strategy and he ran a great race big rally last night. two things here first of all is that true is Dan bishop down seventeen points in the present pull them up but also I mean the person probably pulled off a little then the Providence of that tape days is is questionable but it is true that Dan bishop road or board campaigned on the coattails of Donald Trump and go for broke he from the very beginning said I am a trump Republican I want to help build a wall on the southern border I want to protect gun rights and so he attached himself to trump and said that the president needs Congress members who will support his agenda do or die Democrat he on the other hand as much as Dan bishop tried to put him in a demonized progressive wing of the Democratic Party he went Macready that is ran a very centrist campaign I think he avoided saying the word Democrat as often as possible he said I'm a marine I served with a platoon in Iraq and and we didn't care what color you were what party affiliation you had but we just cared about what she stood for so it was really centrist verses arch trump supporter well in many analysts are pointing out that that modern approach Macready resembled what the Democrats who won and Republican leaning districts in the twenty eighteen mid terms did and so that there's a lesson there for Democrats as well as that you know that might be the approach in areas like yours but we're reminded the election was called after claims of ballot tampering in this district in twenty eighteen ballot tampering on the part of the Republican operative people you know really seem to be clamoring for an honest election they saw some light perhaps for Democrats but was a big turnout no to the turnout was low and that again that's not a surprise either I mean we're not only talking about an off year election we were just talking about an oddly calendar election this was a special election to make up for that ballots him bring scandal you mentioned and so it was a Tuesday in September people aren't used to that and then you gotta remember there was an early voting period that was disrupted by hurricane Dorian. the storm is certainly affected another congressional district the third will be there was a special election to fill the seat vacated by the death of a long time Republican congressman but in the ninth there were also districts of precincts that were affected now the state board of elections extended hours to make up for the suspension of because of the storm but still people don't always check the notices stories no to come back and so that may have affected the overall turnout it was low to begin with but probably in the end it did make a huge difference rusty Jacobs politics reporter for W. U. N. C. rusty thanks so much you're

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