Millions of Pills Flood Ohio CVS Pharmacy


That at knuckle heads bar and grill in Parma Ohio perfect name they disclose the CVS across the street had received more pain pills over a seven year period than any other drug store in Cuyahoga county over six million pills in a seven year period so less than a hundred thousand pills now six doesn't know no nothing less than a million pills per year we put it out just slightly less that's all I don't know if that's allotted to CVS go to a CVS their business what they're off they're everywhere they're busy so there was a homeless encampment just beyond the CVS is a popular place for her when users and this one guy who got caught up in all of this is I don't blame CVS he condemned the drug companies may large profits and encourage doctors to prescribe opioids if I'm a drug company I I of course I'm going to try and sell my product there's been approved by the food drug administration of course I am that's what you do that's what they're in business to do that's why I mean I I you got to hang it on that's why the doctors make a lot of money had been given a lot of responsibility they're the ones who have to oversee this in the pharmacies have to be careful about making sure that there's no fraud involved and they do have these programs now to make sure that you're not out doctor shopping so who's to blame this trial is underway they're gonna try and sued the drug makers I I don't know it sounds like these opioids been around a long enough time to to were doctors you're the doctor the colleagues he was he was very cautious I presume most doctors are specially with something new and I'm not going to take the word of a pharmaceutical sales person I'm gonna do my research what is what do the studies say and does the FDA did the FDA say anything in their literature that were proving this but caution caution caution this has it's highly

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