France follows US to set up military space command


Above the best deal day parade in Paris was a clue this weekend that France plans to slip the surly bonds birth bound conflicts and had upwards France's President Emmanuel Macron has announced the launch of a new space military will tell us why fronts wants to launch into Star Wars here in the studio has benedict purview who's U._k.. Correspondent for fronts twenty four welcome back benedict so what's your Michael Plan well. His plan is to not just have an air force but Aaron Space Force <hes>. This is not a complete surprise last year president. My call spoke out about the need for a strategy for space defense and this is basically the result. There's a small matter of satellites. There's a small matter of certain countries spying on other people satellites and satellites we forget as we earthlings move about the planet <hes> <hes> actually dependent awful lot looking at a laptop. You're looking at a desk. We've got all kinds of news information G._P._S. that we rely on and of course <hes> what present McCoy saying this is a real matter data of national security. This is about <hes> France needing to control what is happening around it satellites and of course <hes> what comes up is the International Space Race and we know that of course historically <hes> it is the United States Russia earned to some extent China who have been in the forefront of this but France has been playing a rule <hes> as far as an developing a lot of space technology and involvement for quite a while it has it's it's a when you do a little bit of reading into it. The French really do quite like that that the military space work <hes> there's a center in Leo Mobile Down which which has a military surveillance of space objects. It's called Cosmos and in two thousand ten it had a new joint space command. This are natural fascination with space going on here because it seems to be a unique thing to in in Europe at least Franz what what France Louis keen to do and has been doing is developing technology on stunned with the Italians <hes> amongst amongst others so president McCall's vision weren't complete surprise. You is a European one and in the same way that on Tom I should point out by the way that <hes> president mccoo made this announcement about this new military space command as not only as part of the modernization of its armed forces but he did it just before on Saturday on <hes> before Bastida and of course where there's this big military parade <hes> one that is very envied by many countries particularly this current U._S. president <hes> where we saw an involvement of British Spanish Dutch Belgian <hes> some <hes> German troops so it's a context of France playing a key role within the European Space Agency not least by for example making the center <hes> surplus special G._N._A.. which is in French Guyana and crew available available <hes> for launchers and that is really been dubbed Europe's spaceport it also has an important center in to lose so it's not a a complete surprise? It's been historically bubbling away if you will but it's true that it's not a very there is some British involvement and of course there's a very famous French astronaut <hes> Biscay <hes> who has spent rather a lot of time <hes> already <hes> in space exploration <hes> on the International Space Station on I that was back in two thousand seventeen and stunt. He's going to be going the again next year. Tell us about the timing of this announcement during you mentioned the fact that note as a competition going on with with the United States <hes> there's <hes> you know space race. It needs to be one in terms uh-huh protecting the satellites but earthbound troubles is Emmanuel macron trying to divert attention in any way from from difficult issues at home no.

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