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Talking Tech is brought to you by WICKS DOT COM creatine published a stunning website all from one powerful platform go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website. Today that's W.. I. X DOT COM in stay tuned after the show to hear you can take advantage of Wick special offer for talking tech listeners so when you look at your smartphone battery at the end of the day and you're wondering why you only ten percent there were variety of factors but you know what no one is a worse abuser then facebook facebook is as the number one battery Hog. I've got a few tips or how to Tame your battery. Let's talk about it on today's episode of Talking Tech. I'm Jefferson Graham. Now you WANNA start by going to the setting section your smartphone and look for location services. This is the tool that facebook uses. Is to track your every move. Just click never for facebook because there's no reason that facebook should be following you like that. <hes> I took a look at my battery settings this week and I saw that facebook even with location services turn to never was operating in background for like two hours six minutes compared to fifteen minutes for twitter six minutes or youtube in three minutes for Google so closing location services is a start facebook and also tap into your Wifi to figure out where oh you are so if you're out and about and don't need it churn Wifi off that could save some battery drain also turn off background refresh that is usually always running to do auto play videos and. Alike so close it now none of those work. I've got a really good idea how to leading the facebook APP altogether. It will save you so much battery drain and you know you can still go on facebook even without the APP you can. I used the mobile web version facebook. It might not be a seamless but would you rather have twenty five percent extra battery a day and obviously beyond facebook you also WanNa lower your brightness whenever possible watch fewer videos and just make sure all those settings are set off to stop these people from tracking US dance the number one abuser of the battery. Do you have questions about Tame your battery. I am here to help. I'm at Jefferson Graham on twitter. I'd love to hear from you. You've been listening. Talking Tech we subscribe to the show wherever you listen online audio in I'll be back tomorrow with another quick hit from the world attack these days businesses of all sizes need an online presence. Whether you're an established name a brand new startup or something in between you WanNa make sure people know where to find you at wicks dot com. You'll find all the tools you need to create a stunning professional website. You'll get access to hundreds of design elements and features that can help you grow your brand online email marketing tools and accustom domain aim to name a few weeks is creation without limits choose from one of their five hundred templates or start from scratch. You have the freedom to build your site anyway. You want plus. Everything is optimized for any device so you'll look great on desktops.

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