Whistle Go Explore - A GPS And Fitness Tracker For Your Dog Or Cat

Dishin' Digital


Addition digital brought to you by b. n. h. New york's ultimate cameras superstar. Keep tabs on your tabby or terrier with the whistle go explore. It's a g._p._s. an activity tracker for your dog or cat. You clip the one ounce tracker to a collar. The g._p._s. function requires a subscription which costs seven dollars a month with a two year plan p._c. Magazine likes the whistle. Go explore for as long battery life up to thirty days in a single charge. It also has a night light for visual tracking. The activity tracker can also give a snapshot of your pets calories. Burned distance traveled an hours at rest. You can also set daily activity goals for your pet bet. The whistle go explore retails for one hundred thirty dollars in gets a rating of excellent from p._c. Magazine dishing digital. I'm palmer nain. There's there's more at w._c._b._s. Eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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