Santana's slam in 10th gives Indians 7-3 win, tie with Twins


When we tell you game four of this showdown series in downtown Minneapolis produce more drama and more great baseball theater unfortunately future for the twins there was also more heartbreak as Minnesota suffers a dagger defeat losing in extra innings but you got to give credit to the Indians they came they saw and they conquered now Cleveland seventy one and forty seven on the year wins three out of four and leaves many apples in a first place tie with Minnesota Twins have an identical seventy one in forty seven records of both teams sit atop the AL central in the Indians continue to be white hot there forty two and seventeen since June second again the number six five one nine eight nine nine two two six six five one nine eight nine nine two two six a lot we can get into regarding this ball game the just finished up we want to hear what you have to say also the home stand in general for the twins it's a split five and five and I would have to say disappointing split given the fact they started out with a three game sweep of Kansas city and then they beat it Lana on Monday the walk off pincette rocket by McGill so no in the ninth inning took down the Braves from that point on though things were not good for the Minnesota Twins the Braves won two more in the Indians take three out of four so the home stand is a split at five and five for the twins in and you look at this ball game while Cleveland wins and razor thin fashion catcher Kevin plow wiki had a block to save the day Greg Allen had a blast and a bond and Carlos Santana body slam the twins with a grand salami in the tenth inning to key the win and create this logjam atop the AL central before the tenth inning fireworks and this is what a lot of people are going to talk about and we want to get your reaction six five one nine eight nine nine two two six six five one nine eight nine nine two two six before those fireworks off the bat of Carlos Santana there were theatrics in the twins half of the ninth inning Mar when Gonzalez a rocket RBI double to left field scored one run to tie it but ari Adriana thrown out at home plate with the potential game winning run Tyler nay Quinn the left fielder throws a strike to the cut off man Francisco Lenore who throws a bullet to plow wacky who comes up with the great plate block and extra innings is where we were going to go because the twins were unable to push ahead that winning run no I agree on to get the green light from third base coach Tony DS but the play wasn't even close and one would have to say the D. as certainly last night and today you didn't have his best performance in that third base coaching box any look you have to be aggressive and I like the fact the twins are aggressive but die he sent a runner last night I believe it was CJ crown with the Yasiel Puig in right field week has a bazooka and chrome was gunned down and it happened again today as the green light given to Adriana Naik Wendelin nor to plow wacky and the twins could have had the walk off win instead we go to the tenth inning and as we just laid out the Indians win at courtesy of the grand slam by Carlos Santana off of Taylor Roger so well we want your thoughts your opinions are you concerned are you angry is this just part of the deal I don't think anybody thought this was gonna be easy did you I mean Cleveland is a proven commodity this is a very good baseball team so for them to be back in the mix let's not be shocked I think twins fans definitely should be disappointed though that that eleven and a half game lead that Minnesota had nearly June has evaporated that that was a monster cushion that is gone Aaron so volley who really is an unproven pitcher slightly out pitched a proven commodity today the two time all star Jose burritos who was looking for a bounce back effort after giving up a career high nine runs to Atlanta on Tuesday for reals pitched much better he picked up his team leading seventeenth quality start of the season in fact his worst the ending was the first inning he gave up the home run to Alan Yasiel Puig had an RBI double and Yasiel Puig well tell you what he's already having an impact on the Indians yet eight hits in this series and the guy is a pretty doggone good right fielder a six five one nine eight nine nine two two six six five one nine eight nine nine two two six this is final picture post to the post Eric Nelson with you let's go to those phone lines Columbia heights Audrey you're on CCO I would like to ask a question and make this a couple of things that I notice in the game today and that the announcers and TV talked about Grafton the pictures were for Cleveland while our guys I think we're not aggressive at the plate at all they just didn't what's really good pitches go by and then I thought the base running was terrible ation the gotten thrown out at home I think the twins got too greedy and then pull on pull and so on yeah so now you know in Tampa went over fifteen that's supposed to be our top three years in other words the whole game as far as I'm concerned was pitiful thanks for the call Audrey she is clearly unhappy venting her frustrations here on a final pitch your post of the post look aiming the twins we've gotten spoiled by their offense of your Rolex all year of the bomb squad it's not going to be that way every day and night it wasn't today as the twins were only able to get three runs on the board they didn't have any home runs that's a rarity we don't see that a lot I think you have to give this youngster Aaron so volley a lot of credit he comes right at the hitters like Henri pointed out and he throws strikes any mixes things up and he he went toe to toe with Jose burritos the two time all star six innings pitched for some volley same thing for burritos Somali only gives of four hits brioche gave up six and three runs all learn so volley only gave up one run and he struck out five burritos had for so like I said so volley slightly out pitches Jose burritos and the frustration I think for the twins and again if you want a way and we have some open numbers an open line six five one nine eight nine nine two two six six five one nine eight nine nine two two six the frustration has to be that yes Cleveland won the first two games of this critical monster weekend series but the twins were set up with an all star J. go to Risi last night who was very good and they get the win and then they come back with their ace Jose burritos today and they're unable to get that second win in the series so Cleveland has caught the Minnesota Twins in the AL central and the Indians have to be ecstatic getting three out of four against their arch rivals in the division it's five thirty this is final pitch on

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