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Last night at the MTV video music awards at the prudential center in downtown Newark Taylor swift is on stage with a collaborator and co executive producer Todd recall T. swift also won two awards at Monday night's VMAs for a song you need to calm down Missy Elliott was honored with the Michael Jackson vanguard award for habit of putting up creative fun to watch videos since the first album super duper fly back in nineteen ninety seven and several people were arrested last night at the MTV VMAs at the prudential center in Newark because they were protesting the lead found in the city's drinking water meanwhile earlier in the day it took just about a week to strike a unique deal to help Newark replace eighteen thousand lead service lines from water mains to homes may arise Baraka is grateful Essex County is going to borrow one hundred twenty million dollars the city will pay it back the county executive gave us a call we went to the table if we constructed this opportunity to steal so we get that replace these last service lives in an incredibly fast time and we're going to work or something as well so the city is not one of them when it gets of Essex County executive Joe di Vincenzo says the county's triple a bond rating will ultimately save Newark money because our physical health we are able to borrow money

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