City council candidate wants to keep town white


It folks I mean we're having fun with this because it's sad right it's sad that there are people on this planet earth the gene Kramer's of the world the Nancy Goodman's of the world by the way JT referred to Nancy given is Carolyn Goodman we apologize now Caroline given you are a wonderful mayor you would never say something like that I don't be confused definitely not do that that is a low blow Mr Shapiro can you believe this woman Jean Kramer and by the way as far as you you people that's like the Bible all the time okay and I'm not saying if you cite the Bible all the time you're you're like this idiot Jean Kramer this racist pig but to run for office I don't care if it's a small town outside Detroit or if it's the presidency of the United States if you want your town or your city to be more white and by the way that is what she said she said she wants a committed to be white as much as possible that's what I said is is possible and she needs to move to Iceland yeah that's what she said by the way we're not making this up folks and then she double down and talked about interracial folks that's what she just double down she said she doesn't want interracial couples in her community I mean what is going on here is David Duke running for city council I would imagine that they talk pretty consistently James Jim Cramer and David Duke I imagine there touch quite quite often with we got this woman from North Carolina we just played Nancy government saying basically black people give me anxiety that they made me say the word and then you have this woman Jean Kramer there are a lot of gene Kramer's out there sadly sadly there are a lot of Nancy Goodman is out there we just don't get them I audio I don't think there's as many as you would as he was believe others there's definitely some there's but that that that's the extremist mindset on both sides it's on it's on the right side all Texas is to me that was zero to do with politics why is that not into politics this is this is ridiculous ignorant racism here's here's thing about race not run up Democrat or Republican in this conversation in two thousand nineteen it is it is literally the law of diminishing returns it is just stupidity being racist because the next fifteen to twenty years and this is an absolute guarantee Caucasians will be the overall minority they will not be fifty one percent of the United States population I don't care that's that that's just that's just the way it is and a lot of here and so being racist right now is one of the most ridiculous things you can do it does nothing but hurt you it does not help okay but in the past but if ninety nine point nine percent of the world was white I still wouldn't condone any of any of the so to me that's academic I don't care you know I mean I don't care whether we're forty nine percent of fifty one percent or eighty percent the point you don't you understand what I'm trying to make I don't care who the minority is it is disgusting but these women the words that come out of their mouths it is disgusting that this woman is even allowed to still run as a city council candidate I mean what would have happened if this if somebody said something like this in Las Vegas this woman would be would be gone in a heartbeat how was that this woman is still even allowed to run how is it that are open even racist bigot is allowed to run for office and she's running on the premise of bigotry and racism she really is me that's that's our campaign what is your see this is my issue and and I'm going to now interject politics into this fight I don't know if this woman is Republican or Democrat I'm going to imagine she's absolutely Republic yes I I would make that gas but when people talk about you know could anyone say well I like her policies I don't agree with her rhetoric but I like her policies does that remind you of somebody else and listen Donald Trump has said some very very racially charged for another half nothing anywhere near there is nothing to this I would say nothing near this when you called Mexicans crossing the border rapist and bad people and I suppose some of them are good people I wouldn't say that's no where near this when people chant send her back in a rally that's not I wouldn't say that's no where near this when somebody at one of Donald trump's rallies talks about killing on illegal crossing the border and he laughs about it doesn't say no Sir we don't condone violence I wouldn't say that's no where close to it but how is this woman still running for city council you know I I guess I guess you could I guess you could make the cotton we got we got good mint and don't know reference to the Goodman's in Las Vegas by the way we got good mint Nancy good meant who thinks it's okay to say the N. word to insult somebody and then we have this woman who thinks it's okay to say we want our community to be more white that's fine that's okay it just drives me crazy folks that there are people out there that are not only closet racists but they're willing to come out and run for office admit that they are racist basically saying they want the community be more white it is disgusting these people need to be called out in this day and age of social media and everything else and the way the media works make no mistake about it this is not fake news these people need to be called out and shamed I saw the video on social media the other day where a woman gets into a car accident hits a woman who was Asian you wouldn't believe the things that came out of her mouth she said go back to your country she called her words that I can't say on the radio likely this woman who is Asian video tape that it goes on social media and then these people lose their jobs and by the way I am all for it I am all

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