The Murder of Buzz Clinton


And carpenter was the achiever in her family. She got her law degree from a prestigious college at made plans for successful life but beth's little sister kim had a more difficult and far less charmed life was unemployed divorced and living as a single mob up by the time she reached her twentieth birthday after kim's divorce beth and kim's parents took over much of the character his trial rebecca so they had a lot of control over are there granddaughter's life until him met and fell in love with anson buzz closeted now buzz was an exotic dancer with a reputation as a real party guy he he moved from one job to another so needless to say the carpenter family did not approve of him beth carpenter us turn allen skills as an attorney journey to help her mother sue for custody of rebecca but buzz really shocked everyone when he acted as kim's attorney and one the custody case or rebecca rebecca would remain in the custody of kim although she was living in a converted tool shed with buzz. The matter of rebecca's custody became a really volatile issue. Oh tearing the carpenter family par then bus told his mother that he wanted to move came in rebecca away with him to arizona. He was found shot to death just just weeks later at first police believed that buzz had gotten himself killed in iraq dispute as the truth came to light however conspiracy to murder buzz clayton god led by beth. Ed carpenter was exposed so join us at the quieting today for ambushed the murder of bus clinton. This is a story of control paul hashing enrage which left a young father and husband dead and his family completely often greece who ran a dirt connecticut beer today this is when i don't think of the style before this is liberator double bock a double back beer brewed by thomas brewery and feel connecticut. These spears on the new not very alcoholic did not hop to the gills just pretty pleasant years sweet tasting. This is dark beer. Listen redness around the edges is a medium sized hand head leaves. A little bit of lace. Aroma is roasted mop. Some fruit and the taste is very nice coffee dark coffee espresso some chocolate and raisin. This is a pretty rich neil neil yeah but this is a very good beer relaxed and say sell it could be a meal in a pinch could yeah. You're not a fan of raisins in anything but i guess it's just a tactic touch. I'll give it a try. We're and i've heard a couple of physical bottles to their five hundred milliliter bottles those negative swing time to the auckland yet who also i got a few of those. We'll take him down to the end and share around all right. Let's open it up. Okay okay. Let's get to the quiet we are. She is two guys down here at the other end of the bar. Quiet draper's recall that exactly get an boisterous guns. You don't don so. Let's start with the story. Anson clinton third also not his buzz was born in nineteen sixty six his parents buck tuck in d. were young and been married for about a year and they lit with bucks paris and decided that her baby boy needed nickname like his father. You're his book was also an anson and that's a family name that had been passed down through generations so between the two of them they decided to call his son buzz which turned out to be a pretty apropos nicknamed flung conceit buzzed appear student pretty much from the start school at diagnosed with dyslexia. It isn't third grade got enrolled in a public school special education program to help with meeting at their little chance of him being a scholar the school. I think he had any desire to be a scholar. No i dropped out of high school the second half of the senior year you you get that far. Can't you finishing issue diploma. It's not what was going on later. He did eventually get his g._e._d. Now in-school glow he'd been very good wrestler. He's a small larry. Panicking so restless goody <unk> gymnastics as father was a high. I school wrestling coach and he encouraged us this future messenger. There isn't really in probably the best you can do is get a scholarship ship to a big wrestling school that like we said he wasn't a scholar wasn't interested in school right right so he's out of school for house d._j. Meagre random using that business name rent. The bus entertained yeah but when the d._j. Business didn't take off. He decided for a while to follow aw father's footsteps as a union ironworker he got work in different parts of connecticut and even iowa but when the steel industry came on in hard times plus was without drought it moved back home with his mom and dad did jobs he became quite the party guy got a reputation as someone like a to exaggerate. He began to drink and use drugs to excess. I nineteen ninety and his mom and dad knew it was a problem. He was spending a lot of time. In the local. Oh bars when he was in his early twenties. He moved out on his own a few times but he just returning to the family hall he was a good looking guy very small and compact but it kind of above jonas face so when he was offered a job as an exotic dancer has decided to give it a try he'd been working as a mechanic connect and a tow truck driver but the work wasn't steady. The dancing was just a few times a month at a local bar and no experience was necessary. Say didn't didn't have to be like a professional dancer news of a good vibe yeah he was in shape and he just had stripped out new g. straight in kind gyrate around in women would give dollar bills so it was pretty good money compared to what he was making it most of his other jobs in ninety two buzz had been dancing ladies eighties night on a semi regular basis and then one night can cartner came into the bar she was with a group of girlfriends and buzzsaw her and they made eye contact so when he was finished dancing the night he approached cam and started chatting with her. Him was pretty shy but she liked buzz right off. They were both twenty any six of the time. Him got married right out of high school. In that marriage had ended badly less was really sweet to her. He cock lament her and destroyed her like a princess princess. He was instantly really taken with her which surprised people because she wasn't like other girls that he dated as this good looking guy china dancer had plenty of opportunities to hook up with a lot of attractive women but kim seem special to him and kim in her two year old daughter rebecca. We're living with kim's peres since the richard carpenter had this time when she met buzz and so when she is growing up him doing fewer especial and some people would later compare her childhood to the fairytale cinderella her big sister beth was the daughter could do no wrong and kim seeing credit doing anything anything right kim's none. Cynthia was a college grant into father on and worked in his own landscaping business. This is after he spent twenty some years. The serbs now kim was boiling finicky neria p._k. You nancy inborn error of metabolism that results in decreased metabolism of the amino acid fennel -ality so it's untreated were inadequately treated can lead to intellectual disability seizures and other mental disorders. Now is a diet to prevent these problems so is a lesson in p._k. You okay so the era in this people are p._k. You lack an enzyme that converts fennel alan into tyrosine and because of this is as we said visitdell nepomuceno al anon which always issues basically you'd put the person on a low protein or low fennel allen in diet the should've okay right and that's been proven that the earlier you initiate the diet and better you here to the diet that the outcome is so used to dome and i'm not sure what stunned these days the the formula that was used because they couldn't use regular farmyard rescue was a diet on the law and fennel allen his canola very original name and what used to be the thought was that once the child's brain was mature. You didn't really need to hugh to the diet that much. That's wrong to be on a diet for life. Forever is what's going to happen off the diet this i._s. Damage so you'd know it rains mature that says i stood in a lose some parts sinai actively. Yes definitely let scary so you need to be on a diet particularly as you have p._k. You and you're pregnant. You're absolutely still be on a diet. Who's you can really cause problems. Shoes fetus well. Rebecca did have some issues so i don't know if that that was the problem or not if can wasn't sticking to the diet it could have been has dante rebecca some issues. You know she wouldn't pass p._k. You on tour because as a recessive trait so we know that rebecca would be a carrier she had to be she wasn't could be affected blessed to metabolic screening and even at the time rebecca was born the metabolic screening in connecticut and they live pick that up at birth reassuringly after his big thing. Is this what led the original metabolic swing was for p._k. You got your test and grew into that those details and now he added a bunch of different tasks onto that in ice out. He's still call the p._k. Your metabolic scream mr couple dozen disorders that can be tested for so what i'm saying is if kim was an honor p._k. You die. I issues pregnant her. That could cause a problem. Okay all right so kim did graduate from high school and then she waited tables at a local oh restaurant she ended up marrying a physically abusive alcoholic then she filed for divorce while he was in jail in august of nineteen ninety he can give birth to rebecca and afterwards she lived at home with her. Mom and her mom took a lot of the responsibility of taking care of the baby. Kim wasn't and always the most responsible parent but she did love her daughter and her mother became very attached to rebecca so in kim decided to move out. Cynthia had a really hard time signed with us. She actually wind cantu. Leave her daughter behind with her. Euros discussed for well yeah so kim's sister beth and carpenter was was really the families golden child in many ways to sit the dick. Van was just perfect. She was like a female opie from the andy griffith show with blue eyes pale white skin. She had this thick really gorgeous dark. Red colored hair really stands out by the time she reached high school. She made up her mind to go to med school so she knew she was exceptional and was doing well shoes. The firstborn as you said the golden child yeah there was just no chance even without disabilities that can can really live up to this. It would be a tough position to be in for anyone but kim was born three years after <hes> beth anne and she was kind of the happier more carefree sister but her parents really didn't expect much of her. She wasn't a student at the same level as fat but she did want to go to beauty school and become a hairstylist then fifteen when kim was a high school sophomore beth then left home for college. Bethune was enrolled at george washington university as about me major.

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