Holdout Ezekiel Elliott still absent from Dallas Cowboys as first game draws near


Saturday multiple outlets report that there is some progress negotiation zeke and the cowboys and the expectation was that they would have something worked out by the end of the weekend then last night multiple reports stated that negotiations had fallen flat once again the category on structure the contract like total guaranteed money over how many years not necessarily how much the contract could top out at basically zeke is holding says i want todd gurley contract and then some the cowboys you're saying no because the dot girly contracts hawks folks because todd gurley is not right and if the rams were asked hey. Would you like to go sign. The curly contract again like no no. We're good. We love me on that one. This amid word you always has more cowboys have consistently shown willingness to sign their best players to extensions with two years remaining and make a player. The highest paid his position the fact that they're preparing to start the season without ezekiel ezekiel elliott has a holdout says a lot about how they view his demands. I drafted zeke elliott in in one of my fantasy leagues would have drafted him yesterday and the other fantasy league and my logic is there rawson rachel. He didn't really have have anywhere to go. He's under contract going anywhere and the whole sitting out thing like all right. He could sit out a couple of games. They're not gonna lose to the redskins or lose to the giants or lose lose to the dolphins which is not and this is not the lady on bell situation. He's not a free agent. Franchise tag like he still is under his rookie deal. Deal cowboys are in fact offering him a contract above and beyond that of a franchise tag. They're offering emigrate deal. Cowboys need him. They need him for later in the season need him to win a super bowl. The team is built around. Having a solid running game takes the pressure off dak prescott because it helps it helps to hide the fact that dak isn't deck. I mean that isn't that special. He is an elite but when is given all the weapon who work for he's going. He's fine. He's he's. He's he's draymond. Green deck is dre mongering with the cowboys really really effective without the cowboys and all they have probably just a guy but it's really hard to i find it draymond green just hard quarterbacks league and he has the equity and he continues to grow in terms of being a leader but this is ross and rachel. They're on a break but they're gonna get back together. A namesake tony pollard won't matter in a week or two weeks or a month or whenever and it it feels like the the cowboys probably went back and said look. We'll give you tell total dollar value of that todd gurley we just want to protect ourselves from your legal and bad the way the todd gurley did the cowboys haven't publicly once said anything said anything about you know dude. You were suspended six games and we went to the mattresses for you. Hey dude you almost got suspended this off season and we would have been therefore you. We would have said how wrong it was. We have fought for you. There is some there is some some some sweat equity from zeke but there's also some equity from extended from the cowboys and the other thing about the ross and rachel story to be honest at some point it did take away from the show right like i get it ross rachel. We'll be back together. Who are they dating now. When can they get back together all this other stuff but i like chandler. I like joey. I like how you doing.

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