Taylor Townsend, Bianca And Tiger Woods discussed on Tony Paige


The gory American qualifier Taylor Townsend forced a third set against fifteenth seed Bianca undressed queue and our first ever grand slam round of sixteen what interests you kept the pressure on cut down on your mistakes and ended towns is magical journey six one eight four six six two earlier I found the Dow in his quest to win his nineteenth major title advance was forty grand slam quarterfinals with a force that went over Merrin chill it now hit enough dazzling winners to prompt his body Tiger Woods to pump his fist as he chaired a dell on the Dow next play Diago Schwartzman the twentieth C. from Argentina who ousted Alexander Zverev in four sets earlier today top seeded defending champion I only soccer was ousted by the thirteenth seed from Switzerland Belinda benchers did the damage seven five six four in the round of sixteen match up Osaka complained about her story knee and being flat footed

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