Kevin Hart Hospitalized After Calabasas Car Accident


Kevin Hart from Hollywood someone as soon as you have the comedians were covering this morning after a serious car accident yesterday his Plymouth barracuda was found in the gully off of Mulholland highway in Los Angeles early yesterday morning off of the roadway there that that road a Tory Slee wind yeah it is he was not driving according to police it was his car but he was not driving the driver was not intoxicated so they'll believe alcohol played a factor in this but yeah police say that both heart and the driver have major back injuries the fire department had to solve the roof of the vehicle to it to get them out so they are extremely lucky tune to be alive apparently but the they do have some obvious some some back issues that they're going to have to recover from what they don't know how the accident happened why the car went off the road if this was distracted driving so we ran off we don't know yet but police continue to investigate the important thing is that day of both are going to be okay

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