Jets' Sam Darnold out with mono, could miss weeks


Is the jets season already over. That's number four it. It feels like it. It certainly feels like it from the jets fans that I know who have already just like Oh my God. It's not even mid-september yet so that's how it felt just after game one right before mono for the seventy and sixteen loss to the bill seventeen unanswered points and and even by the instant jets Adam Gay standard a really astonishing press conference to explain or really not explain anything anything that had happened in the game where he said in a quote. That's the beauty part being a head coach. I can basically do what I want. That was in response to someone asking about apptime Montgomery snap count leave. That's response to talking about time Montgomery that how are you GonNa talk about Sam Darnold having mono or Levian bell getting an MRI on his shoulder anything actually consequential. When do we think Sam Darnold had mono because they got the ball back with like a little less than three minutes left down one? They only had two forty yards at home for riphil goal and they looked like an absolute shit show. I don't know I think that's that's a question after today's announcement because he's it sounds like he's GonNa miss a Lotta time unclear how much the things that they said is that he lost a ton of weight so then you wonder about his physical readiness CBS last week even to play like what was his conditioning. What was his stamina? Maybe that did have some sort of a fact act. I don't know but I think it's one of these jets stories where the instant reaction on twitter and on the Internet was like low mono and it's like you're saying it's actually not funny. It's a serious illness and yeah yeah. It is terrible way to derail the beginning of Sam Darnold Sophomore Season boot because it's the jets the impulse to say oh my God like how many things are gonNA happen to the jets only heading into week two and they have their Monday night football. They have the browns game on Monday night. The browns Ashley also coming off a disappointing week. One is kind of like instantly feels like a must-win game for both of these teams you look at the schedule. There's a real chance especially with donald out that they can start cr Owen sex like a real chant what happened to the line today. After the motto announcement the Browns went from minus three to minus seven yeah I mean that seems reasonable right. Ever seen is going to play quarterback as reasonable. If you actually watch Sam Darnold last weekend but go ahead of schedule the schedule is browns this week loss New England and week three loss by and week for a very very fortuitous bye week placement. They're good for the jets fans just emotionally they get they get a brief reprieve early in the season and then it's Philly Dallas in New England again brutal brutal that's L. draft picks Levian who by the way they might be injured when rusher but him but he would have to go nuts and one of those games levy on bell unclear what the severity he is. He's got soreness in his shoulder getting an MRI CJ Moseley. They're big ticket from Raven. One of my one of my favorite is good in the first half of the jets. He looked fabulous to give him a huge contract. He's hurt art sounds like he's progressing well but it's unclear when exactly he'll be back the already loss quincy for the entire season first round draft pick from the past draft when Williams it's not practicing right now ankle injury. If a lot of injuries mounting they had to they had to elevate Luke faulk Washington state talk on this podcast yeah so far I was not expecting us yeah from the practice squad to get ready to be the backup quarterback for Monday night football game that is now the place you WanNa be in week a two and then geese all of this get off his his announcement today of the Darnold mono illness was so bizarre like even by hi. The Adam Gates bizarreness scale standard. Here's what he said. Fourteen has mono and we'll be out for this game. You can't say you're starting quarterback's name name fourteen. He then continues so trevor will be starting okay big for all of our trevor say like nine starting. It's strange and then you can use in Luke. Falk will get elevated at some point. It'd be the backup so that would be that that he concluded then then the other thing that happened this week is that manish head report and the Daily News that way in case was still at the dolphins he broke the story SARCI prefer he was in love with one quack fell in love with the tape that he was crunching the film that he was studying. Oh it's Baker Mayfield okay sign like probably a lot of NFL front offices and coaches thought Baker Mayfield was the best quarterback in the draft. That's fine. Here's here's ears this Zinger bill he reportedly also preferred Josh Allen to Sam Darnold and did not quote didn't believe that Darnold had star potential so that's the thing that's now out in the world and even though he wasn't the jets doesn't matter it's like the thing that people are talking about is that Adam could would be made up sure I mean it could be somebody just league in that too mannish just to screw a random guess. It's definitely possible is just like the general tenor around Jason. The team makes it kind of hard. Doubt anything you here. It's one of those situations pretty pretty quickly gotten to that place like again you back to the way he was talking. After after the bills loss in just like the line played like shit the receivers played like shit the DB's played like shit you know he wasn't actually using foul language processing but he was pretty willingly throwing hired knitting them right because he's a Dick and Peyton manning is a hall of Famer of all time WHO's like show I kinda I like this Dick. He just says his mind Cher and he can handle it but if you put somebody like that with a young team in young quarterback in the big city might not be here I I am. I made excuses for news of Miami because the roster they did so many weird things for that. It was even hard to evaluate fused coach but I don't like anything he's done so far at the jets. He just seems kind of like a jerk. Never forgot that this is a man who said that the Internet and social media are pollution of the brain while he might not be wrong in that. I just want to say one thing on mono. Yeah 'cause I do think people underrate it and I think think it all stems back to a famous Brady Bunch episode seventies where it became you know it's a sitcom that was one of the formative shows has the seventies everybody under the age of I would say thirty five in every brady bunch probably right kyle over thirty five nine hundred thirty five kiling once I had had monitor just didn't watch other Brady thirty five over I would say at least knows all the brady bunch episodes right and that kind of made light of motto and it's like Yeah you can actually he died from on how you can get on school and not come back for two months right. It's like making kissing jokes but it's weird. It'd be like Kazan. darnold might have leukemia but models like really bad. It's it's it's terrible for Sam. I feel bad for my feel bad for jets fans and I wish that it's not realistic to wish for the fans to be able to enjoy a winning football team. I think the DADS fans host winning post football ball enjoyment. I wish now post apocalypse for the jets

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