The Assassin Who Wore Braids and Killed Nazis



Hey history lovers. I'm Mike Rosen world with retro pod a show about the past rediscovered. Let me introduce you into a stone cold assassin. Her name was Freddie over staging. She had long dark hair which she typically wore in. Braids rate's a girl next door. Look that made her less suspicious to her enemy. The NACI one minute she was seducing them the next she'd pull a gun from her bicycle basket and execute them in the annals channels of the Nazi resistance. They were few others quite like Freddie who passed away in early. September a day. Shy of her ninety third birthday among low she worked with were her older sister. Truce another was a law student with fiery red hair taking up arms against Nazi occupiers and Dutch traders on the outskirts of Amsterdam. They sabotaged bridges and rail lines with dynamite. They shot Nazis while riding their bikes. Yes they don disguises to smuggle Jewish children out of concentration camps Freddie. She was at her best seducing targets in taverns or bars. She didn't bite them for a stroll in the forest and then in her words she liquidated them. We had to do it. She wants said it was a necessary. Evil killing those who betrayed the good people when asked how many people she had killed were. We're helped kill. She replied one should not ask a soldier any of that. Hello Freddy Nanda over. St John was born in Dutch village of Shelton. In nineteen twenty five her parents divorced when and she was a child and she and her sister were raised primarily by their mother a communist to instilled in them a sense of social responsibility. They were poor and slept on makeshift mattresses. The girls may dolls for children suffering in the Spanish civil war and volunteered for an organization helping political prisoners early on during World War Two the family harbored refugees from Germany and Amsterdam including a Jewish couple and the mother and son who lived the addict after German forces invaded the Netherlands in May nineteen forty the Jews were taken to another location deported and murdered Freddie said the experience haunted her and filled with anger she she and her sister began the resistance careers by distributing pamphlets in hanging anti-nazi posters their efforts apparently attracted the attention of an underground round resistance group which invited them to join mom said yes they learned to sabotage bridges and railways and to fire fire guns by truces account was Freddie who became the first to shoot and kill someone. They cried about it afterward. They weren't murderers but they felt a responsibility to assassinate Nazis. Freddie said it was a source of pride and pain a five year experience that she never regretted but still it haunted her late at night unable to fall asleep. She sometimes sometimes recalled the words of an old battle song that served as an anthem for her and her sister we have carried the best to their graves chiefs torn and fired at beaten till the blood ran surrounded by the executioners on the scaffold and Jill but the raging of the enemy doesn't frighten us after the war truce became an artist she died in two thousand sixteen gene in an interview with Vice Freddie said she coped with the trauma of the war by getting married and having babies she lived the quiet it peaceful life. She enjoyed her grandchildren but death was almost always on her mind. Interviews Pretty often spoke of the physics of killing not the feel of the trigger or the kick of the gun but the inevitable collapse that followed her victims fall to the ground in what is inside us at such a moment. She said in a Dutch newspaper. You want to help them get up.

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