Who is more important to the Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott or DeMarcus Lawrence?

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Would you say is more important to the success of the dallas cowboys ezekiel elliott demarcus lawrence simple question well. I would say this is zeke elliott but for reasons that aren't as apparent. He had seventy seven catches ashes. He's a factor in their passing and we we agree. Zeke light is more valuable to the dallas cowboys and demarcus lawrence marcus lawrence pete over twenty million dollars. A year out of context is everything zeke. Elliott has two more years on his contract. He has no place to go. They could franchise him after that so that is a big look. He's really important but where else this is he gonna go. He has two years remaining. That's what makes it hard and it's not just the two years remaining the to franchise tag after that third franchise tag if they wanted so you could make the argument that dallas controls zeke's rights for five more seasons and get ice about until he decides through the collateral damage and all of this is the play the teammate you sitting there you you know nancy. We had the preseason bahamas. You're now. Everybody's focus week. One game plan in for the giants here. We're planning for the giants. We're getting ready for a divisional opponent and our best player has named reported. You know how much of a down of that is going into the the season will all everyone has all this optimism because everyone's owino right every it's a clean slate for everyone. You had a data zeke elliott. There hasn't ed's reporting and damian from a player's perspective. Here's the other thing anybody could get zeke elliott signed. That's the easy part. The context is dot prescott amari cooper byron aaron jones and starring see so you want your teammate in there but in the back of your mind as veteran. You're like wait a second. How much of the pies left for me so you have to really artful in terms of saying well. I got to be able to get jailing smith signing because he can't leave the marcus lawrence of good pass rusher but i gotta leave enough money for these other players because the starting quarterback he can't go anywhere. He may not happy elite but they've won. A lot of games with the sky is one. We'll say mike and i'm sorry but this is the dallas cowboys for for building team around zeke elliot. You look out of the dallas. Cowboys are constructed. They are like one of the few teams that their bill ronald running back. Okay so dallas cowboys put themselves in this position right now and now they're paying the piper because zeke elliott zeke elliott has perform and then maybe the top running back in the national football. He sees what the future is running running back position and he's sitting there saying i'm not i need it. I need to withhold services right now if i don't do it right now. I'm never going to get paid like like the other top running back. You're the best argument you can make for zeke elliott. They were fifth in the n._f._l. Last year and time of possession translate look at their defense. They were top five defense because they were never on the field. There were twenty two point scored but zeke elliott kept the their defense off the field bottom line. What's the eleventh-hour in this. I think that once you get to next week next week we get past monday or so monday or tuesday not complete the opener which again juries now bracing for an expecting and i think the problem with this situation with melvin gordon the longer it goes on the more things are said the more issues pop up we already heard jerry jones one say zeke coup which basically insulted zeke as agent so these things going. You never expected last year. After a couple of weeks. Steelers offensive lineman would be critical levian bell and they were and that inflamed the situation association and led to hurt feelings and eventually led to levy on bell sitting out the year so once you get this far into the game and they're so many sides with so much at stake everything is very personal sensitive and it's very risk but there there's a big distinguishment here. Fear does the work of reason. Maybe i'm bell was a free agent. J._v. soundcloud can be free agent. Zeke elliott's going anywhere at some point. He has to be reasonable because if he wants to play football is going to be all you with that but what i would say to you there is this in the next time zeke elliott steps on the football field he has he's not gonna be out there until he gets new contract when it gets a new contract what's the guarantees on that you tell me why would he stepped foot on fulfill. Find me take who am i sell it. I'm not stepping foot on a football field until i have my thirty forty whatever the number raising guaranteed millions of dollars and i'm not risking myself getting an a._c._l. Injury were some kind of career threatening injury. That would damage value. You keep your three point eight million dollars dollars this year. You keep defines. They come with that. We'll see how it goes if i'm sitting out the season and not playing and there are questions every day season to sabotage and if i'm jerry jones is stephen stephen jones. I'm betting on my offense align. I'm betting on good quarterback. I'm getting on the return of jason witten and every game i win. I'm more voted in my position and that's how why this whole thing is gonna implant and i've been in that situation. I'm like boy. We hold up without the role rears omnitel his agent we can but that's what kept me up at night and that's really where the cowboys are can only pollard pass protect. I promise you the first time that he gives up a sack. That's gonna put more money in zeke. Elliott's pocket and that's why i said at the beginning zeke elliott is right. The dallas cowboys right. Both sides are right now. The question is figuring out a solution that works for everybody that helps them save their season and help zeke. They don't either talk about it again on monday today to announce they are inactive ninety minutes before kick-off. I'm saying the eleventh hours like ninety one minutes as long as as long as he can get sign on that day on sunday before kick-off saturday four o'clock right he'd have to be in a roster exempt. It's a great point susan because they could get roster exemption so maybe they could sign him. He could work out for a couple of days but it'd be saturday and then as you're limit though

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