Delta flight makes emergency landing after quick 29,000-foot descent


I understand it was it yesterday that this delta jet plunged thirty thousand feet how long did that take it to eight minutes delta flight to was flying to thirty nine thousand feet in experience a problem with the pressurization and that's when the crew had to make an immediate emergency to set up under ten thousand feet of the problem is you don't have time to advise passengers all yes we're having a problem we need to descend quickly no it met all of a sudden the plane was flying along in in those down and quickly made his way to ten thousand feet now of course if your passion on board I mean you're aware what's going on in your thinking the plane just gonna keep going to crashing the crew dropped the plane to ten thousand feet that made a less dramatic emergency landing in Tampa and see well above the very latest on this on our aviation blog today and that's made possible as always by the greater Cincinnati northern Kentucky International Airport out the lowest fares in the

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