Youth To Protest In Manhattan To Stop Climate Change


Learn more than a hundred countries have begun taking to the streets today as part of a global climate strike it's called to push politicians to do more to stop climate change this is the head of the United Nations climate action summit that's coming Monday the demonstrations are being driven by school age activists but the movement is forcing choices for businesses from our workplace culture desk marketplaces Meghan McCarty Carino reports youth organizers of today's climate straight cold on adults to join in and disrupt business as usual and that's just one ice cream maker Ben and Jerry's is doing shutting down stores corporate headquarters in production lines we have always tried to operate our business in a way that does less batted more good Chris Miller the company's head of social mission says they wanted to encourage staff to participate in the climate action but a tech giant Amazon employees are taking things into their own hands they have been waiting and waiting for someone in a place of power to make a change and then realized that the changes I'm going to come in less you actually stand up and try to make that change. action manager Rebecca shepherd is one of about fifteen hundred Amazon workers planning to walk off the job today they join workers at Microsoft and Google in taking collective action to demand their employers do more to address climate change do business professor Aaron chatter G. says it's part of a wave of employee activism in highly competitive industries like tech companies are very explicit to bring your whole self to work and today he says that means bringing social and political beliefs into the workplace but while highly sought after tech workers might feel empowered to speak out he might not be legally protected says Sharon block who heads the labor and work like program at Harvard Law School federal labor law does protect workers rights to organize even outside of the union but where can god a little tricky though is that's got to be something related to the workplace traditionally things like ours or wages Rebecca shepherd and Amazon says she's taking action whether it's protected or not if there's any sort of retaliation for that Amazon isn't the sort of company I want to work for yesterday Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded to some of the demands of workers promising to cut emissions by twenty forty employees still plan to walk out to push for greater action hi Meghan McCarthy Carino for market

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