Iran denies attacking Saudi oil sites, derides US 'maximum deceit'


What will this weekend's attacks on an oil plant and field in Saudi Arabia mean for gas prices I'm Tom forty oil analyst the world over are now keeping a close eye on supplies and prices as the world's largest oil field is close down following coordinated attacks on Saudi oil facilities spill over from a civil war in nearby Yemen analyst Phil Flynn the global economy still runs on a whale and if we have five percent of the global supply impacted for an extended period of time that's going to be felt by everybody humans who the rebels are claiming responsibility for the attacks on the Saudi oil fields U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii blames their patron Iran. Iran denies the allegation calling the US claims court maximum lies on face the nation former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice credited the trump administration's approach on Iran they're pushing back correctly on an Iranian regime that is the most dangerous and destructive regime in

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