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Here. We sit in the beautiful assistant family farm. It's it is literally postcard beautiful and bucolic as record this we're about a day away from De. Triathlon with Joe and and wrapping up season one of the podcast and when you have had the really wonderful benefit of of talking with just an amazing list absolutely remarkable and inspiring Gaston as I share with you number times we were walking talking last night over the property and it says I was sharing with you. It's you and your family are among the most remarkable and inspiring people I've ever met in just a wonderful testament to the the benefits and the power of eating plants wrong and last night after dinner. We had a ping pong tournament in your basement here at the farm and you're eighty five year old mom and I were a team and she was literally the weak link on on the team. She's amazing mazing and full of energy and super competitive just the there's a wonderful a testament to the way we eat that and the power of sort of living this way you just recently shattered the two hundred meter backstroke world record for your age group fifty five to fifty nine and so we that'd be Kinda Fun to turn the tables and talk with you about really kind of in depth about what went into that why you did it but also really just talk about the way U E. We've talked now out for a whole season about the way our guest seed and so forth but I imagine people would love to hear what you eat. In the course of a day and we talk about the seven pillars in the seventh pillar is movement and movement and exercise has been a cornerstone of your entire life and so maybe we can start with you talking about your relationship with with exercise and how you move yeah so I've always felt very comfortable in the athletic arena as long as I can remember you know whether it was doing doing the presidential fitness award back in you know fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth grade playing on the on Softball Teams Little League Baseball Basketball in the neighborhood. I grew up in this very idyllic neighborhood. You know in in one of the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio and we would have all these pickup baseball games tennis so I I really as a as a young kid growing up I got introduced used to every sport imaginable right I mean swimming biking running volleyball baseball all the album ball sports and and I and I loved it all but for whatever reason I kind of gravitated towards towards swing it was it was one of those sports that I excel that in highschool really it's funny. I was kind of a late bloomer of sorts. I I was kind of short until about maybe the ninth tenth the grade and that's when I shot up and went from probably five eight five nine up to over six feet and I'm now almost six feet two and then I ended up doing a postgraduate year at a boarding school and it was known as being one of the best swimming high schools in the country. It's called Mercersburg Academy and I went there and kind of repeated my junior year and that's when I needed that extra year and that's when I kinda got a decent and I mean I got good enough to where I had places like the University of Texas at Austin Arizona Tennessee Indiana these universities our cities were soliciting me and offered me recruiting trips and I visited the schools but I of course I landed at the University of Texas at Austin for a number of reasons reasons and Gosh have no regrets because if I wouldn't have gone to Texas I wouldn't of you know. I don't think I would have become a professional triathlete athlete. I wouldn't have met my wife. I wouldn't have become a firefighter and I wouldn't be here today. Talking to you becoming a division one athlete is is a major accomplishment and you did extremely well professional triathlete but then when you stop and then you enter the world and became a firefighter that's win for most people to so they might have played high school sports sports. They might have just been active through school but then they enter the workforce and they they start moving. They have a commute. They sit at their desk all day. life is busy. GotTa get dinner on the table title but you kept going so talk about why you do that and you know what you do in the course of everyday for your workout well. I'M GONNA back back up a little a bit because yes I went to University of Texas at Austin and it was the number one or number two school in the country and I had set certain aspirated for myself. You know every swimmer that that I know of especially Division One they wanna go the Olympics and they want to win a medal at the Olympics right and my father won a gold medal in enrolling in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and so I kind of had high aspirations and so I went to ut and I went there because I was a backstroker and the American record holder was there at the time guy named Clay Brit and the world record holder in in meters guy name Rick Kerry and I'm like you know if you want to be the best you got to go and you know see how the best to it and I just for whatever ever reason I never got as good as I wanted to so I always had this kind of disappointed in where I ended with my swimming career. I think that's one of the reasons why you know frankly. I threw myself into triathlons right because I had this nagging disappointment that just would not go away and I figured it okay if I work harder than anybody else. If I do all the little things right then maybe I can erase some of that disappointment that I had because I never made it to the Olympics. I went to the Olympic trials and was a three time all American but you know you'd be amazed how many swimmers that if they don't get an Olympic medal they feel like they're a failure and I have learned so much you know just in the evolution of our mindsets and what we want and failure and all that but so getting back to your question. Why am I still like you know doing this day. After Day. I think some of it believe it or not goes back to not a lot but a little goes back to my disappointment back in my college days. The other thing is I've fallen in. I Love I fall in love with movement the meditation that kind of I think happens with me and my mind when I'm swimming biking running I just there's a certain meditation that happens especially when you're clicking on also under there's a certain grace and ease in these sports especially especially when you're there when you're fitness is there and it's almost like all right. Let's see what we can do today and I've been swimming with this master Swim Program. I think we may have touched upon this a touch with. Jd Roth an episode five Jay talked about how you know one of the things that keeps them accountable is he has these group of guys that he has is over to his house. They got to come to his out but he has over to his house. You know whatever it's six o'clock and there's like a group of ten or twelve and they've been doing it now for over the decade and they're like best buds got something very similar to that back in Austin. It's with the this rolling would master Swim Program. There's probably ten guys and a few women and we've been together for some of US almost twenty years and you know we're we're there for each other. These guys become some you know the closest friends in my life not only is it a bonding experience with these with these people that we've connect. I've connected acted with for so many years but it also it is such a wonderful way to start your day right. I mean when you when the first thing that you can do in the morning as bang out a a killer workout in it's usually only an hour but I might as a week so it's I usually go five days a week. They have six days a week. I usually go five days a week and that after we swim and one of the things I want you to know is I'm fifty six and I go hard. I mean you know I I. I know some people they get over a certain age and like you know I'm just going to like take it easy and not going to get the heart rate up over a certain level. You know don't want any beads sweat coming down the old forehead. You know I'm kind of like all right. Let's bring it on. Let's let's let's hurt and I do that. I do that a lot and then you get out of the pool. WHO'LL so I've been with you on one of these workers then you got to do pull ups and a pretty amazing core routine so we do some medicine by work we do. We do pull ups yeah we do we do different kinds of variations of plank work outs we're always trying to mix it up and try new stuff but yes so after a swim and then doing fifteen to twenty minutes of cour- work pull ups sit ups man you are like ready to just like dig into the day and and do some damage so at what point did you decide decide okay being a division. One athlete wasn't enough being a world class professional triathlete enough now in a I want to break the world record for your age group. When was that decided so I i. I didn't really have these ambitions of getting the world record I do. Maybe need to say that two and a half almost three years ago. I did try to get the world record four fifty to fifty four year olds but I was fifty four and like like six months old not a good time to try and get a world record because I'm at the very end of the age group and I missed it by a little over like three and a half seconds. It's and I remember hurting so bad in this in this effort and I'm like okay. You know what I'm just. I'm done race and it's just it's it's. It's a a whole `nother level of pain beyond the workouts that I just don't. I don't know if I want to go there and when I was on the ritual podcast rich was like come on you. GotTa do it. You gotta do it for everybody. That's out there and I'm like yeah but you know I had blood coming out of my eyeballs and I had not not literally but that's what I felt like right and I felt like I was breathing out of every orifice in my body so there was some serious pain in my legs felt like lead weights and there was was lactic acid coursing through every molecule of my

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