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And thrown in prison for more than a dozen years in one case so it was a different New York and that was Donald Trump's New York. Donald trump is an ethnic nick white guy from Queens who is a lot like a lot of other ethnic white guys when Queens <hes> who it's an Italian neighborhood so only Italian should live here or it's an Irish neighborhood. This is an Irish neighborhood. Only why are these black people trying to move in a lot of that integration anxiety intention and even violence. It wasn't just in the south. It was in the north in the northeast in these white ethnic neighborhoods where black people moving in were met with real hostility and Donald Trump was on landlord and he was a landlord who wouldn't rent to people like me and speaking of the Central Park five I mean I think a lot of people forget that don't trump was the one who took out a full page ad in I forget the New York Times in New York Post calling for the execution of the Central Park five before they'd even been tried yeah and he didn't think it was both he took out ads in multiple paper paper so I didn't know who donald trump was really until the central park five <hes> he was well known in the tabloid press as this sort of real estate mogul thorough character but I did not come to know that until many years later when he was on the apprentice miss when I got to New York Donald Trump was really rich guy who said a lot of you know pretty nasty things about the

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