Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift come out to play in 'Cats' movie trailer


List is available at the my top my talk app because were everything entertainment and we wanna give you some of those nominations right now I'll give you a couple highlights I you can get the full list just got pushed out on our my talk app if you don't already have it down on what you waiting for but if you do open up check it out see if yourself some that stood out to me lead actor in a comedy that run you'll be happy to know the Ted Danson nominate our place which we quite like a lead actress in a comedy now this is kind of loosely using comedy certainly a dark comedy but Christina Applegate for dead to me wonderful yeah yes very good that's our best work yet in my opinion gets it Jason Bateman gets a a lead actor in a drama series nomination for Zardari let's see here lead actress in a drama series I'm just picking one that stands out that we have known let's go with viola Davis a real power player there with how to get away with murder she just I've only watched half of a season of that she's quite intense on that show evidently critics quite enjoy her can we do a comedy series yeah we'll just we'll give you a few of them I year like flea bag that's nominated Ryan likes berry that needed in the marvelous Mrs Maisel of course it's gonna win wins every Steve likes the good plays that nominated as well among others high drama series game of thrones of course Ryan you like killing eve is great Steve you like this is us leads nominated I dabble in better call Saul and then there are some others in there as well and again you can check out the full list the competition program has an interesting one a lot of mainstays the amazing race America's got talent American ninja warrior a RuPaul's drag race top chef the voice how about this though the dark horse nailed it the cooking fail to should show all the slicks no got an odd yeah very fun that's incredible our show a Chernobyl Donna got a not for outstanding limited series so good on my gosh is that good and remember stranger things not up for grabs here because of its release date SO two handmaid's tale and I believe the same would be set for big little lies Laos outstanding supporting actress in a drama series game of thrones got four well for this four of the six well willing Chris stealing hiti Sophie Turner Maisie Williams wow if you own a shop in killing even Julie Julia garner from Ozark hole my goodness yeah sounds good it there's so many good shows out there this is going to be a really competitive shell could be anybody's anybody's when right the true yeah hi Steve you can leave us now I got to go got what would you do that's more important in your job my other job video of the blame I've been sent on a mission double a double story blame the the that soccer Cup the gold Cup the World Cup the women's soccer no no no he was playing US land soccer are you talking about the sports center yeah but there is a they have a big thing but guys listen I'm gonna go do soccer tricks with kids up to compete in the skills competition and then I'm gonna jump in a giant bowl of cereal we're just gonna have to stay tuned into in cities live at three five net will be on today yeah now it'll it'll be out later this week you know what have a good time nice to see that yes I want you to have fun with the children thanks that's not to say that I'm not irritated because I am really don't see a he was gonna leave when we come back and he Canadians in cars getting coffee we would buy kicked off a new season with Jerry Seinfeld one of our favorites Ricky Jr vase is gonna be a guest will will sample that tell a promo for the show when we come right back on my talk one is seven one everything entertainment hang out

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