South African President confirms longtime Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe died in Singapore


The former leader of zimbabwe robert mugabe has passed away at the age of ninety five. Yeah that's right in many respects. It's not that much of a surprise because according to the reports that i've been reading he had been in hospital in singapore since april so clearly he was failing he he was in very weak health and i guess as well that <hes> even before you had the hand over of power to amazon and gangway. There were signs that he was losing his grip. That was very fraudulent bradshaw. Some of his speeches have been rambling and of peace so to speak but not that much of a surprise but i think that it's very it's very difficult when you want to know about him all talk about him because it is such a mixed legacy on the one hand hey was this man who was the the icon of the struggle for rhodesia's them was to gain its independence become zimbabwe. He had actually served time in jail. He spent about ten years in jail. He dove asleep. He's obviously suffered heaping tortured etc but he comes out of out of jail he <hes> he co found zanu p._f. Of becomes the leader of the group you then have these campaigns which quite militarized to actually achieve the goal of getting zimbabwe's independence. He becomes the first post independence of prime minister restoring the country. <hes> is generally seen in the beginning to have done all the right things because he worked for a halt on actually giving black people the black majority some some sort of economic have some sort of economic power also <hes> giving them healthcare doing all the right things and then something went very badly wrong it was it was as if he became came corrupted by his own success and that when the elections were held to select a new president <hes> they were effectively rigged rigged. Even though of course that was vehemently denied he did work at one stage of morgan chenggong who was one of the main opposition leaders that he was up against they had this very uneasy alliance alliance mr chandra of course passed away a few years ago and really he's he's basically he. He had to give up power because it was getting obscene and it seemed that the straw that really broke the camel's back. We'll see second wife grace mugabe because these the inference war was that he was trying to line her up as his successor even though she had no the political qualifications as qualification for the job was that she was married to him so it's a very mixed african legacy yes. They were the good things but they were also so the negatives. Let's not forget as well that turn this country was once dubbed the breadbasket of africa. It is now dependent on outside assistance. It had crazy rates of inflation so it was very difficult for ordinary people to live and when you look at the trickle down effect on the very human level there were stories about people who are having to cross over the border into south africa teachers for example working a sex workers because they couldn't get any money things were that tight so very very mixed legacy didn't have to be that waypoint clung onto power and corrupted him

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