Californian earthquake


Earlier this month southern California was rocked by two of the largest earthquakes. The region has experienced in twenty years for one man Jacob Margolis. All is the aftermath of the six point four and seven point. One magnitude tremors was a rare opportunity. It was a chance to remind fellow. Los Angeles residents about seismic seismic safety because few Californians a prepaid for a much bigger catastrophic quake which seismologists say is on the way his North America correspondent James Glen Day out in the middle of the desert one hundred and sixty miles away from where you're standing. There are two enormous tectonic plates that have been trying to slide past ask each other for millions of years but they're stuck today. They slept. That's Jacob Margolis describing a moment many in Los Angeles have buried somewhere way deep in the back of their minds the start of a massive earthquake. That's long being dubbed the big war. There's a huge quake on the San Andreas Fault in southern California. Every hundred years or so we haven't had one for about one hundred sixty early the see the journalists did K._p._C._C. Radio released this podcast on how to survive the coming catastrophe and right now he's in high demand interest in the big one has spiked following recent strong tremors that rattled the region in GonNa take probably nobly I think forty eight seventy two hours is good asking it probably closer to seventy two for outside help to get in and so you'll see roads severed train lines will be severed heard about eighteen hundred people will also die some from the inevitable building collapses some will burn you have a number of both electrical and gas fires that break <music> out and when those fires break out spread very very fast and we do not have enough emergency responders to respond to all the problems that will break out all those fires and the even the mayor of Los Angeles says that's one of his greatest fears and if it hit in like September or October when it's hot and it's like when he <hes> you know just like our hills like neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are going to burn and the water pipes will probably be cracked. Some roads will be impossible and so putting the FIS out could be tough but for the vast majority of people the biggest challenges will come in the weeks afterwards. I mean there's certain things like people won't have like people don't have access to <hes> hospitals. Possibles will be overrun. There's many hospitals in the state eight that are actually not seismically okay <hes> and in addition to that like you won't have access to emergency services for a period of time after the quake they're going to have to be self sufficient and and that's really scary to getting a badly crippled southern. California through such a challenging period requires preparation like bookcases screwed to wolves glass objects removed from key walkways in buildings a few weeks of water and food per household not to mention basic medical supplies so nowhere near enough people already. I I think people struggle and my this is myself included. I lived through the nineteen ninety-four Earthquakes Northridge Earthquake here in Los Angeles. That was supremely destructive. People died. I was out of my home with the kids and. And I still didn't have any of my resources ready. When I started this podcast and breezy it because you don't know and that's coming and so people kind of push it off shirow pressured off the problem with this it can literally happen at any time it can happen while we're recording this right now. It didn't obviously and it might not for decades but on the fourth of July ally when the earth started to shake into magnitude seven point one tremor struck Mr Montgelas felt calm and prepaid. He knew he'd be okay and in this fleeting period of heightened fear in the region. He's urging everyone to get ready now. It cost me fifty bucks to go out and buy enough water for two and a half weeks for a family of three and like if you don't have that kind of money I think it might be worth saving and making that best friend because it's your him so much better off if you have those basic things and that report from a North America correspondent James Glendale.

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