Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review


My name is daniel bearer this week no ten android ten and and await no. Let's necessarily joining me for this. Episode is in nick fresh off a crazy week kidding of writing. I think you must have written more words than hemingway hidden right. I don't think he he didn't write many words this week so i definitely have this week true. You are more than hemingway in twenty <hes> in welcome back our wagner. How how was your time away from from the pod away from us. It was nice spent i wanted. I've been wanting to come back happy to be back. Good good to have you back <hes> so we'll jump right in our note ten review is live. Go there right now uh but we did it a little different this week or this year because andrew you and hey otto. Who was you know. He was on the previous podcast right after the announcements u._2. Took the phones and you sort of ran with them. Literally you use the crap out of them. Wrote your experiences experiences in sort of a journal diary format just to give the twenty four hour impression seventy two hour impressions. Ask that change up until today. Which is when you publish your review what six seven days after you got the phone yeah and it was a really good process from from kind of letting people in to where we were at along the way but also helped us hyodo and i both mentioned this morning that it helped the us form our own ideas because you know getting them out there and forcing yourself to write. I think each of our updates was like seven even eight hundred words and so forcing ourselves to go through that process and knowing that we have to we we didn't have to you have a fully formed opinion yet. We set up front that like hey this is just how we're feeling a brain dump and get those ideas out actually really helped me and high auto both both get to actual conclusions in the end a lot easier by kind of just throwing things out there and saying oh well that that okay let's reflect on that later or let's see how this idea forms over the next couple of days and i think it really informed my final conclusions in my the review today. So how did i mean. Obviously your your your perception of product. Any product is going to change over the course of a few days but you know given that you have reviewed every note since the note four. How does this one on. It's a better phone. Obviously it's a more complete thought. It's more mature in every way but this feels like the note lying is a little little bit more muted. It's a little bit less anticipated than in previous years. How do you square that circle. How do you how do you figure or is it just that phones in general are less interesting or is this phone in particular less interesting. I've definitely heard a lot of that opinion. Nyan from from people as i put my thoughts on the ten out there that you know they rightly point out that the whole smartphone industry is kind kind of leveling off a little bit or stagnating or not improving that quickly and the way that the note has evolved in the last four generations or so is kind of just following that trend like the problem is that samsung is in full control of how how it chooses to differentiate the note line from the s line and they just haven't really been differentiated at all at this point. I mean at the end of my review to just spoil it for everybody. I point out that you know the word. Note just signifies that it has a stylus now it. It doesn't actually signify that this is the absolute pinnacle of what samsung can do and it's different in all these different ways in. It's dramatically better than the previous one because it's just not true anymore. The galaxy note ten plus is excellent just top to bottom but it's excellent in and all of the same ways that the galaxy s. ten plus is and then also as a stylus and if you were to rerelease a galaxy s. ten plus today it would just have all the same specs that the note ten plus does because it's six months newer and there are higher end specs and we're going to see a galaxy s. eleven. That's gonna come out in another six months and it's just going to be the same or better than the note ten plus so they're they're kind of and just on this same pathway and i understand that phones can't just get dramatically better every single time but it seems like there's more or of a stagnation here than would then. I'd like to see for something like a note that historically pushed the envelope more so. Are you had the phone for less time than andrew or i but you you got the blue version so i think you you win after twenty four hours. What are what's your impression impression of this massive of phone well. I've i've had it for about twenty twenty four. I've had for about twenty four hours at this point. I've i've barely set anything on it so far. I haven't even logged into read it on this phone yet. I will say yeah. Blue is awesome. Nazarov is wanting to trade me for the ara. Glow 'cause not really wants the blue to vader but <hes> it's it's fun to use. This is the first note that i've ever owned this. I note that i've ever used in any like like real capacity outside playing with one at a a big injury barbecuer playing with one store so it's it's big and it's beautiful and it's is quick and i'm looking forward to using it mooring getting used to this and then going back to pixel three or a galaxy s. ten and going. Oh my god this field small all but for now it's just it's huge and i'm looking forward to using it. I i haven't even i haven't opened the camera yet and i'm looking forward to taking the stone to the park and just going one wild with the camera okay so every new samsung phone has night mode now and you know for me. That's the biggest difference i think after coming from a a p thirty pro or pixel three and i have to say that a a previous updates google camera moved the move nights site into the main camera app app instead of it being in the overflow menu and that's been a big change and the first thing i do now with the new phone is i put night mode right next to photo mode on a samsung phone. Wally phone doesn't matter what it is. It has a motive goes goes right next to my main mode because they use that way more than portrait or video or anything else <music> andrew. You had a chance to take this to a lot of different places. You've taken hundreds of photos with the no ten. Is it a good camera camera. Does it stack up to the pixel three the p thirty pro in all lighting conditions. Where does it excel whereas the ball down so so it's excels in all the ways of course that previous simpson cameras have in that in daylight in even in kind of mixed lighting like like your typical kind of sunset photo or you know harsh lighting just coming from one side anytime. There's actually some sort of light available. The cameras really really good and samsung's dynamic range really stands out the color standout. It's incredibly sharp and one one of samsung's biggest features in the camera for me is it's consistency just from shot to shot you press the button. The camera is really fast at captures it does its thing and handed. Does it pretty much the same every single time. The only place that's disappointing is the same place that samsung's seng's always been disappointing. Those really dark shots where you do the exact same daniel i just put the night mode or whatever it's called right next to the regular camera mode auto mode and it anytime where you feel like you need to switch to that mode you've already lost with the note ten plus because it's just not as good as what watson does what google does and honestly even what sony is doing with the exterior area one which is hilarious because we've always paying sony's cameras for being bad in low light and anytime that there's a little bit to work with breath you get a pretty good photo but when you have that kind of late night scene where there's really nothing to go off of in terms of light or you're you're in a fully artificial light environment. You're talking about like a bar late at night or a restaurant with just candles on the tables or something like that. It's it's almost not worth taking a shot because it's going to be so grainy and messy whether us night motor not that it's it's just frustrating <hes> it's it's just extra frustrating. If you're somebody like us that have used the latest cameras like a pixel three cetera but it's frustrating the same way that it's the same performance as like debris jet last three generations of samsung cameras. I don't know about you but i can look at google photos and i can just scroll through the thumbnails and even though i'm sure both of you are the same you take photos with many different phones and then applaud them to google photos and they just all get dispersed and they're all just thrown together. Yeah i can tell even from a thumbnail. What phone took a particular photo based on the color. I q based on a bunch of different factors and and we're getting to the point now where every phone takes pretty good photos but there's just something off. I think about out samsung in anything but perfect lighting condition and and i'm wondering if you can articulate what that is because i i haven't been able to to really figure that out other than to say it's. It just doesn't look. It doesn't look quite right to my eyes. Yeah i can and do the same thing scrolling through google photos which is kind of sad i realize in not everybody has those kind of side by side thoughts but because i was i was gonna say yeah unless i'm specifically thinking something i i take photos with one camera unless i accidently took him with the wrong camera. If i'm carrying two on me but i i don't do a whole lot got a side by side and most days in the park. We not side by side in terms of taking the same exact photo back to back but you can kind of tell there. There's something to a samsung camera that in the daylight the things that make it so great in terms of its dynamic range in its colors. Just don't seem to translate well to representing a scene properly in weaker lighting. Yeah i mean it's it's not so much that it's rainy or that. It's i guess it's it's just there's there's some particular nuance that simpson cameras have have that where they used to be an advan. It used to be an advantage and now it is no longer an advantage now. It's it's a disadvantaged but like in terms of daylight photos you know i'm looking through the the photos that i've taken with the no ten plus right now and they're pretty much perfect mix there. There's really nothing to complain about so from that perspective. I'm really happy with this camera but putting <music> equivalent photos and i'm going to be doing this experiment later this week where i i'm going to take photos with the pixel three a the p thirty pro and the no ten plus and i'm going to try to figure out what exactly it is. I i prefer about those other two cameras well and of course the pixel three in particular is is one of these cameras. That's a love hate relationship because the camera app can be slow and fiddly and it can some concern times produce photos that are a little kind of blander to neutral. It's not like that's perfect but the low low light capabilities of that camera are so good. They're so way beyond everything else. The you're kind of willing to give up some of the other you know parts. It's and i feel like i just wish that samsung would do a little bit of the same. It's really good at so many things in the camera department that i you know i it's just frustrating because i know samsung didn't have to do anything it just had to pick up the s. tens cameras in but the more over here it didn't have to do and nor did it say that it did add anything in terms of the daylight capabilities of the sensors or anything so it's like well what did you do. You should have spent spent some time improving the clear weakness of the camera there. That's kind of the the frustrating part and it's tough to put your finger on it because because it's kind of a nikki thing because like you said in so many cases the photos are kind of perfect that you feel bad pointing out out in saying that the low light performance isn't very good but it just isn't. It's just known it's just you just know it when you see it and it's tough in a review scenario dario as well because i put low light photos in my note ten review and they're good because i picked the four good photos that i took in in over a week of taking low light photos. I picked the whatever it is three four and a couple from ohio that were really good so i took hundreds of photos to get four good ones and that's that's the problem right now. We talked a lot about the phone specs and the previous podcast. We're not gonna. We're not going to rehash that but i just wanted to talk about this fourth depth camera because i've been i'm playing a little bit with it and there's this three d. scanning feature. That's really hard to find. I didn't i had to search for it and the reason it's hard to

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