Weekend Racing Preview | Randwick and Moonee Valley | Aug 24


Hello and welcome to everybody three wide no cover. I'm your host. Nathan branco white to get into some racing action on the weekend is welcoming to esteemed colleagues in one of us has a new job title. One of us has a very new job title. He's become a brand ambassador. Lock myself lock salmon julian the real worries the new tunnel the brand ambassador because you have billion form analyst up until nabet net not beat around brand ambassadors and there's a lot of work and day talia yesterday. It's not good. It's i'm not going to be probably up to the lead up to the lofty expectations. Are you guys have but we'll see how we got but i'll be still doing have you changed your email student to say brandon better than i have actually had an email l. signature so now that will and thirteenth group one winning jockey solomon muscial. He's getting fuel. Oh boy the the show punk it up a little bit but that's all the i ten weeks of best as well and josie that you've understand that you've stepped up and congratulations on the new title stepped up from the trading floor. You've all your trading jacket in us selling and watches and things on the wii ideal fleischer jacket and that we can apple brother add on the show larry go. Let's get into the report jus. You're gonna look at turkey because obviously you got. The wing stikes group on rising up in sydney. I grew one of the rising season ran week. We <hes> on i four at four mehta's the entire but expecting beautiful conditions not much wind around estee. We expect that the track to rice really fairly. It'll big tampa relied. It's obviously it's up on spayed going slowly. They're gonna be hard to run dan but i think every host chains but then also in melbourne we go oh to mooney valley rile at full mehta's entire circuit brownie software have at the moment was expecting no ryan today no ryan freud i but ryan on saturday but it might become lighter in the diana from rice's four onwards but on air analysis on al stuff <hes> back in the office inside hugely advantage latest are going to be in the box the hallway around so we've put alexan- basket of bang on spayed. There's a bit of a northerly wind which we in their faces in twelve hundred mehta shoot and coming round the hometown. We'll the home turn it'll be behind them completely but inside and late as big advantage at four maters peseta tom of the with the wind and the weather and the rhine and things changing. How did we get it right at caulfield last week. They want from everywhere yeah. Oh absolutely and i think i think you'll see with your selection. In the first rice the big prize gong wrong to his two forty two three dollars fifty now the reason what peavy was two to forty eight to thirty dollars fifty was the big prize that moved the market. They had similar analysis assist to us. They have probably better analysis with us and i were partying gate one gate to gate throughout the whole day and that's why people was being drifts especially a rice one. They got it wrong. The night tried to change their algorithms which they do because they've got great budget for it but <hes> that were on the train and the train was going the wrong direction gypped <hes> i bet boy that's very very well. When you do get new role sometimes it. It was a few feathers. The fellow tried is handling the affected. You have become a brain best well. They're just pointing at namm side. That's about where i sit with them at the moment now they they're. You got a target on your back too long to get on your

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