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Scouters in other words these were men were hired by the boy scouts of america or one of the boy scouts of america's local councils or camp directors you know they they came up through the scouting system and they were employed by the organization and in fact the most telling back in around two two thousand and four the man that the boy scouts of america put in charge of the scouts safety program to protect kids from sexual abuse was himself arrested and prosecuted and convicted for possessing hundreds of thousands of images of child porn who was douglas smith douglas smith so how on earth does a man like this get into that kind of position and what does it tell us about how extensive pedophile have risen listen or or have become enmeshed in the professional organization itself again. These are questions that congress with its subpoena power needs to get the answers to at and does far what has been your effort and your success asu lack thereof members of congress in two thousand twelve. I was able to get a meeting with the republican chair of the house. Judiciary committee lamar smith of texas and the ranking member john conyers democrat of michigan and i i would say that that conyers was interested supportive and wanted to help of course he was in the minority and was powerless and lamar lamar smith had absolutely no interest he just had no interest in listening so i don't want to make this a partisan issue but <hes> and i know that there there are republicans who care about this issue. I don't think it has to be partisan but the boy scouts have been insulated politically and i look at the republican party and their unquestioning allegiance and support to the boy scouts.

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