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This hot august night. We were eating outside on the porch that overlooks the finish line that we'd set up for the family traffic on the next morning and this is homegrown event. It's the culmination of six months of coaching and training for joe and going from in his words a completely sedentary couch potato to a full blown triathlete and we had every member of my family at the table able we had my mother and my father that we call s._e. <hes> my sister jane and her husband we had my two brothers ted and serb and their spouses and their kids <hes> gaggle of nieces and nephews and of course we had joe inga a and his family his wife and his two young kids and i want you to know that as i was watching joe giving his toast i started welling welling up inside with pride thinking about how far this man has calm over the last half a year and you'll be hearing thing about it and you'll also see pictures of his transformation shortly. They're super impressive now. After dinner and everybody was kind of mulling around i i pulled joe into my father's office for one final conversation before the race in the morning. If you guys remember when when i met joe back in february he said that alongside engine to one of his big inspirations to start eating a whole foods plant based as diet was the movie forks over knives and we recorded this pre race interview in the office where forks over knives fill my father pouring over his epidemiological research in the movie so if you saw that you'll know exactly where where we are all right joe. This is this day. We've been waiting for for for six months and i we met that b._n._b. And new york back in early february two thousand nineteen and here we are august august. What is today today sixteenth fifteenth so august fifteenth. It's august fifteenth right. Sixty ain't tomorrow seventeenth and man. It's been a great run yeah. It's been a great run and <hes> after tomorrow. We're going to be letting you loose out got into the big bad world and i know you've been in the big bad world but as you have said tonight at dinner during your toast can add some stops and starts for thirty days ninety days and now <hes> how do you feel going forward after after it's going to be a piece of cake at this point. I'm i'm so used to so it is like i if i go out to a restaurant. I don't second guess anything. I i know exactly what's asked for what to look for. You know when i'm food shopping i. I don't even need to read the labels. I know exactly what i'm going for. So a lot of the difficulty is is gone you know and <hes> i've expanded my my menu you and my options so i have a lot of recipes under my under my belt now which is a lot slimmer now than it was when i started but <hes> die daffy good and so for people that don't know how far you've come <hes> what's happened with with your weight with your blood your into your blood chemistry with your mental attitude all that stuff so <hes> i haven't really gotten my blood checked since our sixty day checkup but at that point i believe we we were down twenty five percent on everything i know my resting blood pressure my blood pressure. Now is ten points lower on the systolic and diastolic than it was before. I know my resting heart. Rate is probably about sixty to seventy roughly and it used to be ninety to one hundred which was always like that so it's a lot better there i went from forty inch waist to some thirty two's are big so i lost a lot of weight approximately forty pounds. It actually was just under one seventy the other day i started to thirteen so i was like one sixty nine so it's like forty five pounds and i feel awesome awesome so of course weight loss is a wonderful benefit of eating this way and and when you're eating a whole food plant strong diet that is high in fiber high in water very nutrient dense calorie light losing wait is a sustainable byproduct that just happens but what also happens is we start to get and become i'm very attractive on the inside of the cellular and molecular level our blood chemistry our blood pressure improves <hes> if we're pre pre-diabetic <hes> we start to reverse that stuff and so i want you to understand what's going on inside and and so i asked my dad to help describe what's going on with these important changes internally what s see in your mind what's going on on the inside <hes> with joe it cellular level molecular level <hes> that is also a pretty attractive well. You have to recall that the the body is an absolute symphony of these wonderful chemical reactions that are absolutely coordinated for optimum performance formats and when people come grossly obese and overweight. You can see how things began to stray. Why do they get this high blood pressure because now their blood vessels are losing their elasticity that becoming stiff thick and inflamed all this obesity is is luckily at an absolute harbor of inflammation and that inflammation is making diabetic hypertensive giving them vascular asker disease and it's absolutely contributing to their increase risk not only for diabetes and heart disease and stroke but also increased risk for malignancy yunessi so there really is this tremendous symphony which is being brought back into line and with absolutely beautiful sound with all these reactions are running correctly as they should but how how easily it is to go off the rails when you're eating this processed food which has the capability not only of love making you sick but actually bring into a premature demise and i think what i'm so proud about lovely. You're dealing with the police and firemen as you can. If you can just imagine if you bring those forces divine not only will there be an enormous saving publicly for taking care of these people because they're not going to be any chronic illness but at the same time it sets an enormous example for the community to think that these people that are trying to save their lives police fire or taking care of cells as well right before dinner. I asked joe if he would be willing to walk over to the the pond. That's about a five acre pond where the swim course was going to be held and if we could do a a dry swim through the course i it was important for me that joe go into the swim with a little more confidence. You know he had almost no experience variance with open water swimming and i just knew that it was feeling a little big and scary and daunting for him and i knew knew that if i could pay him through the three hundred and fifty meter swim course that he would feel a lot better going into the race the next morning in so we're going to pick this up as we climb out of the water and you'll be able to hear all the kids splashing in the background just came all the way over there. I wouldn't even have gotten halfway out there out the first first way yeah yeah and so <hes> tell me again. How long have you been swimming. You just started started when we did this six months yeah the boss well so how you feel about seventy miles about it beforehand. I'm still a little nervous but i gotta take a break. I'll take a break but you say today will be hunky. Dory the bike and run. I'm not too concerned about it because i'm new to this yeah well. <hes> it's a beautiful pond with temperatures idyllic there and you're gonna have support around you. Have somebody on the palo board and maybe even somebody somebody in a kayak so if you like it any point in time you're like need help. You can grab then cool yeah little insurance policy mccamley after doing a little dry thereon of the swim course joe is on a roll and so i decided to take him on a test drive attest bike of the bike course and i found when i was doing triathlons that if you could preview the course the day before the race just set everything at ease mentally so you knew exactly what to expect and so i wanted to joe to feel as relaxed and at ease as comfortable label as possible going into this race you're sporting or the lead right right now. Who am i so on got. You got a water bottle can audubon off now. Okay <hes> we'll probably going to be starting between ten and ten thirty in the morning in which means that the due to be off the road so it shouldn't be too slippery and <hes>. It's pretty humid tomorrow so hopefully we'll. We'll be someone humidity got a feeling when you cross the finish line. You're going to be one happy fellow still even though i've been practicing i've been training or whatever still intimidating you know like i said when we talked about ever like there's no way somebody often often yeah so well to me. What's really impressive is that you told me that you really haven't done much of anything outside of you. Know your five star almost twelve years. I go through phases. You know we might fail my medical. Whatever then maybe maybe i'd take my buddy into gear. Whatever but nothing this serious so <hes> really to around a little all of it.

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