NFL star suspended 4 games for using fertility drug


The giants have a disaster going on at their wide receiver position a few days into training camp they're starting receivers it looks like right now we're Darius Layton and Bennie Fowler after sterling Shepard broke his thumb after Corey Coleman towards ACL is out for the year and golden Tate suspended for four games or so we think coming by the NFL but it is on appeal Joe do you think this suspension for performance enhancing drugs is going to stick or or you are you buying a golden Tate's excuse here which will get into in a second about fertility drugs yeah no I actually buy his excuse Erin he released a statement earlier this morning saying that in in April of this year during the off season he was seeing a specialist for fertility fertility planning and he started treatment was prescribed by the doctor and he found out there was something in this prescription that was against the NFL's policy so in the event go straight to the to the statement I immediately discontinued years I reported the situation to the independent administrator of NFL policy on performance enhancing substances I spoke with my coaches and general manager I did all of this well before a failed test was even confirmed per NFL protocol in initial suspension was imminent but myself the giants organization a confident in the fact look he's got a contingency here he's told people if if what he's saying is true I can't see why they would uphold the suspension because it could be an honest mistake coming from a couple that was looking to have a kid right Sir so rules are rules right Joe and in my and the way the NFL now I have no idea how they approach to discipline on other kinds of issues right and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there looking at wide receivers and saying how is Tyree kill not suspended at all but golden Tate is going to be suspended for four games but I I on their drug rules the NFL usually is pretty firm on their stuff like this is a list of what you can't take it is your body it is your job and your millions of dollars that are on the line and if you put anything in your body whether it's aspirin whether it's a supplement whether it's something that you eat it is your responsibility to manage it and to make sure that nothing on this banned substance list enter your body and if it does and you fail a test you are going to be suspended should there be some gray area there because I think the NFL in the past has looked at this very black and white and said that it's the players responsibility it and ignorance is not a defense when you're getting suspended for beating case well here's the thing air he is taking responsibility once he found out what he was putting in his body he immediately stopped at any let everybody know this is not one of these I got surprised by the results situation which we already had this week with the Tennessee Titans and Taylor the one who took a polygraph any came back clear but again that's a different situation where you've been taking this knowing full well that there that that it could pop up eventually this is him taking the responsibility okay anybody want to that once retiree kill and this situation I mean could you be more disingenuous I'm not saying you're doing this but the people who want to bring up Tyree kill there are other examples about the NFL's random wheel of fortune punishment we'll that they they they they like to use this is not it you're looking in the wrong direction this is an honest mistake I'm gonna take his word for it it's not a Manny Ramirez situation from ten years ago when he was taken horse fertility pills okay this is something that is an honest mistake that most people can

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