Giants' trade deadline activity draws mixed reviews from fans

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Is giants Fan and she has really been through it in the last couple of weeks so we're GonNa talk a little bit about that Claire. Can you take take me where you were emotionally a month ago and where you are now a few days removed from the trade deadline. I know that's a big ask but I mean it was so easy busy at the start of the season to two giant fan because you knew what you were going to get you just going to have a terrible season that he was gonna be garbage just awful to watching it. At the trade deadline the best players would leave that Madison bumgarner would go play for another team and it was going to be awful. I wrote something for our emily preview. Have you got it like I was preparing to say goodbye I was. I was distraught but you know it had to happen. This is easy. Oh well that was the easy part and then suddenly it turned into July first and all of a sudden the giants remembered how to play baseball. They went sorry this down somewhere her in the first three weeks of July fourteen in three and the Games are fun had dominant pitching offense leading and comebacks extra inning heroics the name naming Madison of course phenomenal as always <hes> and suddenly it became a thing where Oh my God they can't Trade Madison. Listen bumgarner anybody because probably the giants are going to win the world series. I mean they're not they're not book probably <hes> <hes> so it just turned into this this kind of nightmare of <hes> I I was feeling then sad but then about the trade deadline <hes> until July and then suddenly I really did not want the team to trade Madison Bumgarner particular but also kind of knew that <hes> even with the team suddenly performing kind of well it was more than likely something of a fluke in which case they absolutely should bumgarner but anyway it's the journey so let's start there with Madison Bumgarner because there are other players obviously that other teams were interested in. I think the biggest rumor before this heading into the season and then it continued can you throughout was like closer will Smith <hes> and he ended up not moving either <hes> but I do want to start with bumgarner because he's kind of like the big ticket item for giants fans. Obviously he holds a very important place in all of Y'alls heart because of his postseason performance and just he's been kind of like the one consistent thing on that pitching staff since they've become in this generation of players so for you. What is your relationship to him? What was your relationship so the idea of maybe moving him and letting him go to a contender because I'm just going to say this plainly I guess the rest of Baseball Kinda hates him and reason so so when he's wearing your uniform arm and he's obviously brought to you a lot of these just elite moments of happiness? What is it like to watch the rest of baseball hope that he kind of fails and then did you want to keep him this time around at the trade deadline and y Yeah I mean the way I feel about Bumgarner <hes> I should stop calling in Madison?

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