Tiger battling stiffness ahead of playoff opener

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Tell you you might remember his last start in the playoffs was last year and his epic win at the twenty tour championship that sort of set the stage for his win at the masters this year that win moved him into a tie with rory mcilroy dustin johnson for the most wins during the playoff since they debuted which was in two thousand seven. The three repairs are combined for a twenty five percent of the playoff events contested today and we're going to show you live pictures right now. Tiger woods as he is on the course and we will bring michael collins into the conversation because michael as you saw there has been following tiger around liberty national this morning good morning michael collins. What have you seen. How is tiger looking this morning. You see tiger walking off right now but he told me before he said <hes> oh here. We would have been around this morning what i said. What should i tell everybody he goes. Tell him i'm on the t. but he was supposed to be on t. at seven and there was a delay so he didn't get out on the t. till seven thirty so he was lying about seeing on the t. Here's what i've seen for tigers so far today. It's as simple as this. <hes> it is a pro-am there are three guys playing with it from the northern trust and and it's been just like this when it comes down to it. He's been hitting the ball pretty good. Yesterday he played a practice round with brooks kapka dustin johnson and <unk> harold varner the third and they had a lot of fun out there. Those guys play ten holes tiger hit a pretty good. The funny story was sarah varna. The third started the day and said i'm just gonna hit it by tiger. So you're like a iron pipe and tiger said i'm a hammer and hammer beats pipe. Every time and varner never hit a pass them. He thought he did want and said. I got you on that one. I got you on now and i've been working out and harrow garner that there's caddy do him under the bus and said man. You worked out two days. Which of course it does. The johnson brooks let a couple ago and when they let their drives go even how varner that there was a. I think they got both of tiger. I think they gotta pass this so far tigers. There's just hit it okay. He hasn't hit spectacular to be honest with you because there was a delay. The range was opened late. So tiger looks a little bit stiff like he hasn't gone through his full warmup warmup routine. He said a couple balls left. Enwright came up short with an iron shot from the middle of the fairway so it looks like he's just slowly but surely trying to get warmed up but that's what pro-am i am days four right yeah super-quick michael. You've been white on with us when we had you on before the british open and we drowned before the p._j. Both times you said don't expect much from him. Give me a rundown here. What do we expect from him in these playoffs this well let me start. Let's just start with this week. It's real easy for this week my prediction for tiger this week he's gonna fall fall outside the top ten but i think he can be inside the top twenty five and the reason that i say that is because the forecast for this week is for temperatures to be in the mid eighties every single day which means tiger won't have trouble warming his back up and it also means. You don't have to worry about getting stiff during the rounds. Hopefully this'll be a good week for tiger. We'll be watching and we get these playoffs underway earlier than in years past as they have a new schedule on the p._g._a. Tour so well done michael enjoyed out there. Stay safe tigers coming at you and we will see you a little but later in the program his pen back adam. Thank you michael collins. We'll see in a little

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