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To keep their windows shot this is fox news Brian heating and cooling forecast from the fox six weather experts say these guys in the south was wondering temperatures up into the low nineties this afternoon we'll see a chance of a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon otherwise the action will hold off until overnight with scattered thunderstorms in the forecast temperatures much cooler tomorrow with partly sunny skies for the afternoon I'm toxics meteorologist AJ Waterman this report is brought to you by true car looking to buy a car online shopping can be confusing not anymore what true price from true car now you can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people pay for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car has a true car to enjoy a more confident car buying experience rivals been down for three weeks my supposed to hire a painter what's the hold up hang hang around a couple weeks ago for the last two months ago I just in a cabin storage area we want to use it because again was the Cognos Hey Steve began campus almost done the carpenter said to ask you about the counter tops also what's the six thousand dollar change order bill please call me back three months tells me he said to be.

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