What's Killing My Tomato Plants?


David is having some real trouble with tomatoes. He says, his tomato leaves are wilting at the very top of the leaf and then a few days later they start turning a botchy blotchy black, and then about a week after that, they start dying altogether he's lost forty tomato plants this way and he wants to know what you think he can do about it. Now his problem and mine are very different. And I I laugh only because the difference mine were just flat out eating they were perfectly healthy. Not a spot on them. Numb David's problem is very different and it sounds like he may have a problem with them called Sept. Oria leaf spot I kinda wish I could talk to David at this point. But at the same time I have to make some assumptions I'm going to guess. That in you have to deal with prophylactic in considering containing many many diseases you have to prevent it. That's the big word. Prevention starts by buying plants have been what's called indexed for V F and that's virus cerium, wilt and Nematodes, and that on top of those three comes one called sectorial leaf spot. And it's a plant where I'm going to Bet David got a busy started his seedlings either indoors or planted the seeds early they grew like topsy. We had plenty of moisture in sunshine this spring for them to just have really rebelled now then. That makes for a plant has softer skin. So to speak, which is good in many ways, however, it allows or organic disease germs. If you will to jump onto them, start to grow enter through the softer skin or or flashier leaf if you will and away they go when he's lost that many I'm going to bet he's using the same spot in the garden. For them more than one year that could leave Satori spores right there. Waiting to get into a new plant each year I have to guess 'cause it can't ask. But with that kind of loss which which is now significant when you have that many plants gone he he will probably have to. Say shelter in place as the rest of us are doing ovid for right now I don't think there's anything you can do at this point other than to spray the plants that are healthy with a fun side. Now, Mark was head of the game here with it being an email, he was able to look up on his electronic skills of a new material for me. It's it's a fund, your side called serenade something I don't know a thing about, but that is the Mamie found then we go. Back to I do know about and that is material hang on now called Chloro- Fallon Nil C. H. L. O. R. O., T. H. A. O., and I along name for a good good funchess is however with all fungal materials you have to prevent them if you can't really do much once they have gotten going. So right now I am afraid his forty plants are probably shop period. The best thing to do would be jerk him outta there Burnham or or get them in the trash and off the property. Then year by all means plant the tomatoes in a new spot even if you have to repair the area because it can carry over into soil splash backup on the young tender new leaves and start the process. So it's going to go into a then once he gets them planted hopefully in a new spot or better spot that he will then start as soon as there are significant leaves. Now, by that, let's just say the seedling is six inches tall eight inches tall it's out in the garden at. This point then is when you start spraying, you put a fund aside on the leaves up under the leaves down the stem, the whole that so that you can keep the spores from this disease from getting started in the first place. Then because the material does weaken with time sunlight, we ended a cetera he's GonNa have to spray every seven to ten days to keep a fresh coating of close. Ellendale et Cetera eating good common fund side we'll help. But at the same time, that's one of the better ones.

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