Kamala Harris chosen as Joe Biden's running mate


By Joe Biden and political analyst Larry Sabotage. Agree when you're the front runner, you don't roll the dice. You don't pick an unknown You don't pick someone who could be picked apart by your opponents discovering all kinds of things in their past. CBS's Leonard Steinhorn. Joe Biden may not have liked how she challenged him on racial issues during that presidential debate last summer, but they have to admire the way she brought her prosecutor zeal to that debate and how she has the ability to put somebody else on the defensive. And not be on the defensive herself. President Trump calls Harris mean and disrespectful and gives props to his running, mate. Well, I like Vice President Mike Pence, much better. He is solid as a rock. He's been a fantastic vice president. He's done everything you could do. CBS News update. I'm Pam Coulter CASE. CBS News Times, 6 32

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