Trump, Biden Campaigns Unveil Bold New Mouth Sounds

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There's just four months left until the twenty twenty election and both Democrats and Republicans are ramping up messaging to make their case to the American public. Before November third while many have already chosen their preferred candidate in this especially polarized political landscape, there are still millions of undecided voters waiting for more information on each side's coughs, hard swallows, Lips Max, and throat clears here to discuss the mouth sounds at the forefront of each campaign is OPR. OPR political correspondent Dirk. Mullins, good morning. Dirk I leslie it sounds like both campaigns are beginning to ramp up ahead of this month conventions. That's right this week. The Joe Biden campaign released. The first of dozens of new mouth sounds they say constitute the backbone of the former vice presidents platform based on what we know from his recent interviews Democrats as a whole are eager for fresh new teeth, clatters and Boulder Saliva swishing take a listen. These are certainly new sounds from Biden. But I'm still hearing the broad Fleming us that makes them appealing to centrist Democrats as well as moderate Republicans. What about trump? Well, we're all familiar with President, trump's lowered wet displays of Brash burps, slobber and stuff to Sinus, rasps that have made him. So popular with his base and it looks like not much has changed for twenty twenty. So while the president is firing back against Biden, he's using the same inflammatory gurgles spit ups. We've come to expect here's trump speaking at a White House luncheon just two days ago. Certainly as wet, but the real question is, will it work for that? We'll have to wait until November right now. Biden, is leading trump in some key states and trump may need to soften his position on swirling coughed up snot around in his mouth if he wants to maintain his already tenuous hold on white suburban women, many of whom say Biden's overly moist inhales better aligned with their values, right. But our democratic leaders concerned that Biden's middle of the road mouth sounds could act as a double edged sword appealing to the middle while pushing away progressives who don't want more of the same that. That is a concern while Biden has a long history of neutral centrist mouth sounds his team hopes these new swishes and swallows will entice voters farther on the left who demand dryer sticky. Your mouth sounds and do progressively agree it appears so Bernie. Sanders, drew in huge numbers of young progressives who preferred his brand of spittle flecked tongue slaps and cracked lip wheezing. But with Bernie out of the race, now Biden's team is seeking to make space for these voters by taking on some of Bernie's mouth sounds just this week. The Biden campaign added this Fleming snort from burn himself to their website. You can really hear his lips parting, the sea ever drink water. It's unclear though he's publicly announced. He would be willing to drink water and Abidin Administration. Well, all I can say is I'm so sick of all these nasty sounds playing on my TV, I can't wait till this election is over share. But then before you know it, it's already time for the first mouth sounds twenty, twenty, four. Oh, boy, you're telling me. Thanks Turk. Dirk.

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