Delta CEOs Letter on the Future


Delta CEO at bastion just released a letter announcing some of their outlook going forward they just had a Let's off. You know period of laying off a lot of people. Also, they just had a bunch of employees except early retirement. So we'll chat about that a little bit and his outlook also interesting article I. The BBC on how jet planes are getting sent to bone yards essentially also a little bit of lightning strike news because we are a lightning i. Couple people injured at the DHL hub when lightning strikes Lightning struck a ramp. It sounds like so a couple of workers injured. We'll talk a little bit about that which apparently happens more than people realize. As, we get into our engineering segment we're a little bit about honeywell they're UV cabin disinfection system. It's really interesting how all the world is changing as far as cleanliness and disinfection, and obviously air aircraft is no different. We'll also talk about the avionics aircraft, which is a really fascinating looking vehicle with a tilt rotor. It's and they're developing guests that for the US Army, and then lastly, as we jumped to some electric the for Tilt Wing, even T. O. L. So. A lot of discussion on that really interesting design, very complex design. So Allen, let's start with news. We both just read ed bastion the Delta CEO's letter. What are some of your thoughts they gotta stop the cash poor and that's a that's a thought and Twenty twenty seven million down from a hundred, million poor per day, which is staggering three billion dollars a month they used their burning back in. April Yeesh. Wow. That's that's a lot of cash burn the. Industry in what Delta jetblue southwest American united or all trying to do is get to customer satisfaction numbers up so they can increase the ridership so they can fill some airplanes because I think the issue right now is consumer confidence. That the aircraft are in the airports themselves for that matter are clean and that they're taking precautions that were being told about every thirty seconds that That were maintaining social distance that were wiping down the airplanes, cleaning the airplanes and that everybody on the airplanes or were masks. At seems to be a very effective way of dealing with the the problem is is that. I think people are travelling at least I haven't seen any indication that There's been any sort of covid transmission via airline flights and we've been flying. We ain't never shut down the airlines they've been flying. Since this, all started. So we have several months of data and thousands of flights tens of thousands of flights at this point doesn't seem like there's a connection between Kobe transmissions and flying in airplanes that doesn't seem to be a

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