Early Explorations of AI for Creativity with Devi Parikh


Art, everyone I am here with Davy. Pathetic Davey is an associate professor in the school, of Interactive, computing at Georgia Tech as well as a research scientist at facebook. Ai. Research Davey welcome to the tomato podcast. Thanks for having me. is great to get a chance to to speak with you learn a bit about what you're up to as is typical at love for us to start by having you introduce yourself a little bit to our audience and in particular share. The source of your. Interest in computer vision in a and what led you to the field. Chuck I think my interest in this field started in, I think about the thirty of Undergrad, my junior year budge program had several research projects. Students could get involved in and especially a funny story. I was interested in computer architecture at the time and I thought I had signed on for the computer architecture project. But then when they were matching students to project I somehow got assigned to. This machine learning project, which at the time we were calling pattern recognition because I was just department, and that's what we call the then But say. Accidentally. ACCIDENTALLY ENDED UP ON A. Over two choices was it sounds like a Potpourri kind of glass. I. Said this was this was meant to be like a free form of. Wasn't in class, it was meant to be research projects, industrial projects that students could work on credit and so this was true that and so that's how I started working in the states I enjoyed it enough to WanNa, go to Grad School in Grad School. And then the transition to computer vision happened about in the first year of overnight started my PhD. was working on a pattern recognition and machine learning problems for intrusion detection in computer networks But then I had colleagues around me who working on images computer vision, and they could visually see the output of the things that they would working on. which to me is that affects us a intuitive and mortar feeling and I think that's where. The draw came from and I switched, I worked with that and that's what I've been doing. All, these years since. Awesome, and you've been at Georgia tech for our how long I think about four years three and a half four years. No. Okay. Cool. And you're also as I mentioned, add at facebook. Are you kind of equally at both or how do you out of the? Out For you yeah, yeah. Yes. I split my time between Georgia Tech and fair I'm at Georgia Tech in the faults and physically in Atlanta from about mid August to mid. December. Or so But I'm teaching classes and things of that sort. And then I'm on the from Georgia tech in the spring and then, and that's what I'm spending time in the spring and summer. Of. site. That's much cleaner fit or split than I imagined. Yeah. Yeah, and I like that it's this clean. I can't that our colleagues who have like one day a week. And flying back and forth goes to Costa, I just use like a large. This much cleaner won't be. Slid. Yeah So tell us a little bit about your current research interests. How do you Focus Your your research at Georgia? Tech Slash Fair. like like we were talking about my background is in computer vision in the last several years five, seven years. At this point, I've done a lot of work intersection of vision language, some things like visual question on sitting image captioning and things of that sort. So that's been sort of my my main research agenda. This whole time and continues to beat is ten, spend a lot of time on it. But in the last couple of years have gotten more and more interested in problems at the intersection of. India. Deputy and so it's still very early, very exported. But I've been thinking about that quite a bit does won't outside. But my time between vision anguish things also some body day. I would agents in virtual environments and things like that. But like I said more recently, I've been thinking a lot about the tippity. And did the work in an language or vision in language lead directly to the I in creativity or? What kind of burned that interest? Yeah. I think it's hard to kind of. And figure out exactly what got me interested in this, I think overall I've generally had an intonation towards a systems that are interacting with people, and so I think my interest vision and language also was the language offered. My background is in vision, but I think what drew me to language was the fact that it's sort of a very natural interface for humans for people to interact with these systems and ask questions. Get the descriptions from the machine and get a sense for what the machine might be seeing and things like that So I think it is that human-eye interaction collaboration aspect that also interests me. is also one of the reasons why I'm excited about. Activities, deputies,

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