Ship leaking tons of oil in Mauritius is close to splitting apart


Thousands of students, environmental activists and residents from the island nation of more issues have been working around the clock. Trying to reduce oil spill damage to the Indian Ocean from a ship that ran aground on a Coral reef last month that's found the waves are making on the coast of Mauritius, thes days thick with an estimated one tonne of oil that sleep from a Japanese cargo ship. The prime minister has declared a state of emergency and appealed for international help. Happy Cam Bully of Greenpeace Africa says the spill is a symptom of a global issue out of our own addiction to oil. This thing didn't go into more satellite images show a dark, slick spreading and volunteers are fashioning along oil booms to keep it away from sensitive wetlands. The ship was carrying a total of four tons of oil and forecasts of rough seas are raising worries. That new cracks in the hall could leak

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