America’s Obesity Epidemic Threatens Effectiveness of Any COVID Vaccine


One one one one one of of of of of the the the the the nation's nation's nation's nation's nation's leading leading leading leading leading physicians. physicians. physicians. physicians. physicians. Dr David Vegas, also the CEO of the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine at USC. Welcome back Thank you so much. So Ella's mayor, We talked. We talked about this the other day, but there's been a development. Ella's mayor has issued these guidelines for enforcement against repeat offenders at these party houses for the large gatherings. But just hours after he made that announcement yesterday, there was a wedding that went off as scheduled in the Bel Air area. So if people are not worried about being hit with a fine the first time Oh, and they have more of, you know, forgiveness, not approval, sort of attitude. In your opinion as a you know, a health care professional. Are these new guidelines gonna work? And can we afford to wait and see You know if the mayor had said years ago, you can't smoke in restaurants. But you know, if you do smoke going to do anything, people would continue to smoke in restaurants and we all know secondhand smoke, harms others and causes cancer. Having a party where people aren't very masses akin to secondhand smoke. You're harming others, you know, by not wearing your masks. You're harming others there, and we have to enforce it. Just like if I smoked in a restaurant They would arrest me. We have to be the same year we have to be strict. People have to realize that there are teeth to these rules and we are not in our society in Los Angeles. Allowed to harm others. We care about each other. I wantto move away from the law for just a moment and actually moved to the medicine. I want to come to the pandemic that we're dealing with here lives so much easier than well, and that's why I want to ask you about this because you're the expert. Here's the thing. We're talking about a virus, but we have this report. Just a fact of few minutes ago, the Brian Ping was doing About the obesity in this country. And that of vaccine might not be effective for those that are overweight with a body mass index of over 30. So now you're thinking to yourself, all right? I'm that person. I need to get my weight under control. But I can now I can't go to the gym to sweat it out because the gems were closed. So what are we supposed to do your advice? Well, the data warn that clear what the data had shown. Is that people with the D m IA Bodine Estimates over 30 have a slightly poor response to a vaccine. It didn't say they won't respond to a vaccine. It didn't say a vaccine will benefit them. They have a slightly poor response. So that being said, Obviously, we all want to get to a lower being. Micah's could be healthier. We could live longer. We left less medical conditions. The simplest way to do things your meals the same time every day with nothing, not a zilch in between. When When you you graze graze or or your your snack, snack, your your body's body's metabolism metabolism actually actually changes changes and and it's it's very very hard hard to to lose lose weight weight to to the the key key is is fast fast in in between between meals meals and and have have the the meals, meals, predominately predominately protein and fat based And then obviously portion control. You put those things together. That's the recipe together with exercise and movement. It doesn't have to be at the gym. It could just be going for a walk. Together, they will make you lose weight. I promise. You know,

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