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To another episode of Zero, to IPO were absolutely thrilled to have to amazing guests on the show today I wanna I introduce Beth comstock who for many years in fact, almost three decades was at GE and served as the vice chairperson. There is on the board of Nike is also the author of this amazing book called imagine it forward, which I am really enjoying and learning a lot from and have a bunch of questions to ask Beth about the. Beth welcome on the show. Thanks Josh. Great to see you great to be here. And our other guests is Jasmine crow who is the CEO and founder of Gooder, which is a company that I am fascinated by I. think it's one of the more insightful companies that I've come across. Recently I also have a lot of questions for you Jasmin about how the idea came to you, but but welcome on the show. Thanks so much gas and happy to be here. Of course, we've got Freddie caressed my co host. Zeroed IPO your morning Josh, how you doing good I bet and Jasmine, nice to see you. Thanks for joining us today I'm super excited about today. Yeah me too good to see you. Well, let's dive right in because we have a lot to talk about Jasmine I wanNA start with you and I want to understand I want our audience to understand where you're coming from. When you started gooder there's some kind of basic facts that I want our audience to understand domestically we are wasting seventy-two billion pounds of food every year while forty two million people are struggling with food insecurity absolutely that's a foundational mess. And it's even worse. Now, I'll of everything that's happening with current virus who are wasting more food and more people are going hungry. So it is a huge issue. Yeah. I mean just to be clear before this even. I read somewhere that we were wasting about a quarter trillion dollars a year on food in the United States if people number eight is that right? Yeah. Right Frederick in. So I guess to put an even more simpler context about two percent of GDP is on wasted food for that's a lot of money spent on food that never gets eaten in this country does Like many people I have some passing familiarity with this I. Read about it I don't even know where to start and it seems like maybe you go out and you you know you try to donate food as best you can and and I think that's maybe where you started. Yeah and it transformed into something quite extraordinary. So yeah if you know Josh I started feeding people that were experiencing hunger and homelessness in two thousand thirteen out of my apartment in Atlanta Georgia So that's where got started I found a parking. Lot I drove past it one day and I just saw hundreds of people that were homeless in in something kind of just pulled on my heartstrings at that moment and I said I wanNA help you know what do I didn't have a ton of money and I knew I could cook and so I just went home I post it on facebook I mean Sunday. I'm going to go downtown and I'm going to feed on the streets. If. You want to join me I had about twenty volunteers I made a spaghetti dinner. And loved it. You know brought out my little beats pill at the time, which wasn't that loud outside. Dating us, you're dating we know exactly when you're store your. Heckling when it happened so I really wasn't that loud music thing. But I have bad and you know the idea was it would be old school kind of Sunday music why Jackson five and Aretha Franklin James Brown like this classic kind of music and a good Sunday dinner, and that's how it all got started in. So of eighty own from one of my pop up restaurants went viral on facebook and people are saying this is so amazing which restaurants donate the food and the reality was nobody I was couponing on price matching I always say, I'm the reason Walmart doesn't price-match anymore I definitely feel like i. gave them a run for him. And then I was cooking thing taking it downtown, serving it coming home cleaning up, and so it would take me like forty hours every week I did this and I started researching food ways and was really like upset like I can't believe this much food goes to waste in here I. Am you know putting together five dollar donations and my own money and trying to make these feeding is happening to feed five hundred people

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