NBA Campus Intel: Lakers' Offensive Woes Continue in the Bubble


Thing about the bubble is I think it's GonNa. Be Really hard to execute your primary offense. If you will 'cause is way more indepth scouting of every team because you can literally go and see those teams in the bubble and they're all on TV and you have plenty of time to. Track things and check things out may make for uglier place more physical playoffs where these games, the defense sometimes is optional for much of the game. But I I guess I'm not a sold in Lakers and clippers and bucks even though I still think the Lakers clippers and bucks will be the Ford. Three of the fourteen remaining obviously the one thing with it's it's interesting as Ben? Simmons tweaks his knee right where you start to think to yourself wait I thought that that Joel embiid was going to be the injury plagued. One Simmons was one who had the back back issue before Kovic shut things down and now he tweaks a knee. Meanwhile, you got embiid who doesn't seem to be happy with anybody. Such a talent team but one that doesn't seem to have the ability to kind of get right but dude embiid is so talented. WHOA. So crazy talented I do think generally in the NBA now the jazz shake Milton playing the point gives them a viable scoring weapon I still like him on not nearly as much if Ben Simmons but you know they do al Horford but it would. It feels like it would kill there. Any chance to come out of the east. If you don't have been Simmons,

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