Brush Fire Breaks Out Near Homes In Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles


You can see the smoke from Miles. We've got a fast moving fire in the force above Azusa. We go live to in depth team coverage It starts with can extend seventies Pete Demetriou, Pete down. Reporting live in San Gabriel Canyon. I'm Pete Demetriou. Okay, and extend 70 NewsRadio. Right, Pete, from the ground to the air. Let's go overhead. Now in K Next 10 70 salesmen, Shaw, he's in sky free, Chris. It seems like we see fires up here every year. Part of the reason why these fires were so hard to put down even when the winds are light like they are today is because the hills are so steep and fires were so effective at burning uphill, especially whether aided with the really thick brush. Which we see in the Angeles National Forest. That's what we're seeing today. So ah, Lot of spoke with the smokers kind of sitting in San Gabriel Candy, which really shows you just how light the winds are One fortunate thing for firefighters, though, is that the forest damn. There were forced Reservoir that is, is right here. It's less than a mile from where the active flames are watching all these water dropping helicopter like clockwork coming in here we have Ellen City fire and county fire and we even have the Erickson Air Crane, which has a really high capacity of water to come up, and they've really been kind of trying to pound the fire near the top of the ridge line. As the the fire fire gets gets to to the the top top of of the the fire fire is is also also met met a a lot lot of of fire fire retarded retarded that that was was sprayed sprayed on on the the hillside hillside earlier earlier by by DC DC 10 10 so so that that will will haunt haunt that that should should definitely definitely aid aid firefighter's firefighter's efforts efforts here, here, Chris Chris Thanks, Thanks, Dez. Dez. Fire Fire crews crews in in Riverside Riverside County County are are still still working working on on that that vegetation vegetation fire fire between between Beaumont Beaumont and and Marino Marino Valley. Valley. It It started started out out as as a a vehicle vehicle fire fire just just before before one one this this afternoon afternoon on on the the eastbound eastbound lanes of Highway 60 and then headed South Cal Fire says has burned about 104 acres so far and is 20% contained a sig alert on the eastbound, 60 has been lifted, but traffic through the area, including Gilman Springs Road. Still moving very

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