Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner enjoy a beach day together


So Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner. Hanging out on the beach together, but it's sort of like a funny beach setup because it's going to be totally relatable. Bradley's out there shirtless in his swim trunks, and then his little daughter appears to be with them. And then Jennifer Garner is wearing like a skirt and a card again. Okay? Can we just talk about how this is such a publication? Ship experience? Oh, my gosh. And then there they are Spotted together, which is look like a happy little family together. I am happy that TMZ you blurt out the face of the little girl. I am Teo. I feel like that. I feel like there's a like feeling your spend some litigation around that you and guess what that needs to continue. I just sat photos again if Siri Cruz, who's 14 years old And she walks around New York City like a normal 14 year old in New York, and she just gets stalked, and I just do not think that they should be allowed. To take photos of her. She's 14 I'm sure that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner sent them the photo for sure that we're pre

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