Designing human-like voice bots for IVR with Einav Itamar

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For those who? have. Never. Come across Volk. It is is A. Platform describe as a platform technology enables you to. Automate in coming calls into the in the Houston. conversationally, I. You describe. It. Wa. You're automating. Both incoming and outbound calls using the I. We also providing solutions for Omni Channel. On top of feats, you know many auto companies. The are Chad with companies are trying to into the space of voice. But then the extent that you get these, you know naturally suitable because voice is much more complex than I'm your shed, but we went the other way around I created. A solution that is good for contact center. Now, we're also studying to provide the solution channels and to provide also on me across channels solutions. Across. Messaging Chats websites in-app in many other channels, swell. Rhonda's this because eventually customers today expect to get the best service across the channels to get it also to be consistent and fluent. so you're talking. On about trade-offs, contacts and trade offs, and how you kind of you develop the plow foam to try and counteract some of the. Can you elaborate a little bit on what kind of trade offs? You UTAH. Yeah, sure. So S I mentioned. I. Think Sense. There is such thing as customer service. There is always a trade off between. You know. The company's you know our clients at one to provide. Good. Customer experience, but Dan their cost. For providing customer experience and especially. When there is a your scaly. So as no telecommunication companies and banks as A. Growth in a number of customers, a number of agents, it becomes more and more challenging to keep the level of customer experiences still keep the cost same. Venture. Customers what we experienced when we are calling. Is. Experienced long waiting times. We experienced sometimes inexperienced agents or you know all short agents, we know maybe limited access to internal systems or. Out Maybe. So So. Then on the other hand when companies try to solve skill ability issues and use technologies like. Then again, they get. They throw their customers into amaze rights with the that is not great. Awesome experience, and then sometimes they try to. Come these using. Trying to divert customers the other channels that they're more scalable like email and chat, and so on. That eventually, still customers are still calling and again receipts during co-lead more and more again because if you want something and you now. You still need to call. So it's not one or the other, he needed to provide great customer experience across channels and I think that if chat was where like a trim two or three years ago. Now, it's clear that the voice is as important as jet and you need to provide again a solution across channels and. Make sure that you don't need voice s like. Sumptuous is. Completed to. Jets. It's interesting that you mentioned or what you mentioned earlier makes me think about how a lot of times customer service can actually be a differentiator. Sorts can be a competitive advantage for starting companies. In. The US you've got a handful of companies that are just like really known for good customer service like jet blue, a trader Joe's. Maybe, there is something that you as well. Cain any companies that Spring to mind. You're like, okay. I. Don't mind calling them. I think John Lewis Typically tend to have a pretty good customer service, but another one from the US is Tom's shoes. Of you've had this dog is where some very agents have spent like twenty thirty minutes on the call was among and something. I think any complaints they ended up just giving you a new pair of shoes in insulin, and then there's another one about flower. Flower. Company where? They, they missed delivery to someone's There was an important delivery wasn't birthday with something else and the Mr Delivery, the person foreign open ended up giving them free flowers not announced just free flowers everyone. Constantly after that. For Making one mistake. So it just shows how important is to have customer service because people like me who have nothing to do with it tells stories about. That's going to be really expensive if you're going to be willing to stay on the phone for hours with the human. So I guess Vocal Da da driven customer service help companies close that gap a little bit when it comes to that customer service advantage. I don't think they relate to that. you. You mentioned several companies that could. A similar experience. No. Before costs and for civil ones. Not just automated, but I will make sure that. The customer experience comes first. So this is our ideal customer. So for instance, American Express is also where known. In. you know in in their? Ability and willingness to invest quite a lot. In order to provide great experience. So when we met with them initially, they were very excited about us both from the ventures you need. innovation and business the different business units. So that got us into a place where they invested in as they are one of our. Trusted the Bucknell's and we are Again one example for. For Great Company that believes in US and knows the importance. So great customer experience and not just

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