First night of Democratic National Convention focuses on unity and pandemic toll


Night of the Democratic National Convention, 10 10 wins. Newsman Al Jones is live at the 10 10 wins convention desk out tidy two hours, speakers, memorials and slick production. This first virtual national convention had only a few hiccups and Ended strong former first lady Michelle Obama talking about the complexities of being president. You simply cannot fake your way through this job. As I've said before. Being president doesn't change who you are. Oil. A presidential election can reveal who we are to essentially the former first lady telling America they gotta do over this November Earlier, it was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on covert 19 tearing into the federal government's continued response to the pandemic. So today, six months after it began, the nation is still unprepared. Americans learned the critical lesson. How vulnerable we are when we're divided. And how many lives can be lost when our government is incompetent? Let's bring in New York State Democratic Party chair J. Jacob's. Well, It wasn't exactly the tale of two cities, but pretty solid us from Cuomo. What did you think? Now. The night has also been about covert 19 fractured politics, racial injustice, Vic giving their testimonials, including George Floyd's brother, Terrence, who called on Americans to remember and mourn all those who have died at the hands of police for the names we do not know. The faces. We'll never see Dove who can't mourn Because their murders didn't go viral. The first of 4/9 comes to an end and just eight hours of total convention in this time of Cove in 19 ABC is Adam Kelsey now joins US Live. Adam Democrats have to be pleased at how this first night unfolded. Okay, I hear you, but I'm here. Okay, Adam, if you could, uh, what do you think about the first night? Democrats have to be pleased with what they saw and heard. Well, really impressive the way that they covered quite a bit of ground everything from racial justice to the economy. We heard a little bit about healthcare from Bernie Sanders. Just a few minutes ago, Andre had the inclusion of of those former Republicans speaking about the way in which they've been disappointed by Donald Trump by his actions, by the way that the country is in a state of disunity and why they're defecting to Democrats. Of course, a lot to talk about the current virus pandemic is well strong remarks from Andrew Cuomo, who Stickley compared the federal government to the virus and says in not so many words, that the federal government is sick right now, and it cannot be cured unless there is new leadership. And then, of course, the star of the show, the former first lady Michelle Obama, wrapping up her remarks just a second ago. Always, you know, one of the most beloved political figures in this country and and and setting the stakes for this election, rather clearly saying that the United States can either take a step back towards decent. See under a Joe Biden presidency. Or they can have four more years of turmoil. A message when delivered by Michelle Obama is really going to hit home, I think with lots of voters Yeah, You know, One thing we're not hearing is a lot of Trump bashing. Now there seems to be an obvious set to go. I, as Michelle Overland said made a lot different than, say, Philadelphia. Do you think maybe there was a lesson learned that that didn't work? We gotta kind of method out without just constantly meant mentioning the president. Yeah, well, I certainly think a big part of that is not trying to demonize former Trump voters who may be thinking about voting for Joe Biden. I think the last thing they want to do is make you know, potentially hundreds of thousands. Americans in swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin and Ohio feel bad about themselves feel bad about taking a chance on President Trump four years ago because those airboats that they're going to desperately need come November, so there certainly was criticism of the president, but many speakers did not mention him by name. The former Republican governor of Ohio. John Kasich, who was a big speaker tonight made on Ly passing reference to the president while talking about kind of the situation overall in Washington, D C and why he's supporting Joe Biden. And I think that was really important for Democrats as well because as much as they might want to focus and talk about President Trump, There are a lot of Democrats who voted for other candidates in the presidential primary. Who still maybe warming to Joe Biden and so a sales pitch on their behalf. You know, particularly from somebody like Bernie Sanders to sell to the progress Sieves that are out there that why Joe Biden is the right candidate for them. I would say that that's just as important as continuing to hammer home that President Trump, you know, has thes fault that they want Teo Teo replacing and to do a better job with

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