Arcana Voting Semis


Go. To get into. So we're. into. The semi-finals. For the Arcana vote. So, do any of these surprise you. So Specter beats more fling I think we both predicted that. Spin, beat Luna. Did we predict on? I predicted that Luna, I think we both predicted Luna Win win but I wanted spent to win. I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course, he's going to get crushed by Specter said as A. invoquer destroyed a P. L. no surprise. And this one was a surprise witchdoctor barely beat drought Rangers Syndrome. Yeah. which be John didn't expect either. So now out of our final eight, six cores to supports and the supports are lion witch doctor we're going up against void and invoke I think we're going to end up having only course left in the top four. That's right. So I think void will beat Lyon. NYPD will be handsome. Age Spectrum will beats van and invoquer will be which Dr Yeah and I don't think any of these votes will be close maybe sniper am a little bit the others but. Then again now that it's all kind of narrow down maybe all the support players. Will vote for their. They only have to to pick from. Yeah. That's the problem they should have had one That's how link group. That is true. Now you're splitting the vote, and if they both lose, you have nobody to vote for anymore. Then you need to get creative with who your support because it's your support picking Volker A. Sniper I. Like it. That's true for. Fair enough. Anyway, just remember guys when you're voting for your support, just don't vote for lion. That's the easy way to remember this gopher witchdoctor if you're going to pick one of the to. Maybe, they'll put the Capri Sun and gunman I mean there's zero percent, but you can just pretend

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