Tesla Rivals are Moving Into High Gear -- and Going Public


From wondering I'm Elaine Appleton grant and this is business words daily on this Wednesday August Nineteenth David Brown's on vacation. Tesla has long had an image of being in both good and less good ways without comparison. CEO? Elon Musk stands out for his big vision and sometimes quirky behavior, and until now anyway, Tesla's all electric vehicles have stood head and shoulders above the competition coming from traditional automakers. Competition what competition I can almost imagine musk saying. Oh, but there is plenty coming tesla shares soared two, hundred, fifty percent this year. The company is now the most valuable automaker in the world according to. CNN. That's because Tesla which went public ten years ago is finally profitable. Tesla had a record twenty nineteen in posted its first annual profit last year despite the pandemic it's been profitable this year as well and that kind of performance and the stock market's reward for it is convincing more and more electric vehicle makers to go public and to try to woo customers away from Tesla last week, Ohio Electric Startup, Lordstown Motors Corporation, or L. M. C. said, it plans to go public by the end of the year. It's ticker symbol ride. If the deal goes through, the company will be valued at close to one point five, billion dollars. So who is Lordstown Motors to burst on the scene this way? L. LLC is a spinoff of another electric truckmaker called Workhorse. GROUP LORDS DOWN CEO Steve Burns is the former CEO of workhorse with LLC Burns resurrecting a project that we're course didn't have the money to do the company plans to release an all electric full-size pickup truck the Lordstown endurance in the second half of twenty twenty one that's according to journalist Alan. Adler, writing for trade publication freight waves. The truck will have a range of about two hundred fifty miles on a charge the same as Tesla's sci-fi looking cyber truck it'll toes seventy five hundred pounds alums. He says again, just like the chuck, the endurance will start at fifty two thousand dollars a good deal more than the cyber forty thousand dollar base price. But UNLIKE TESLA LLC plans to sell the endurance to commercial customers buying fleets of trucks since revealing the prototype on June twenty-fifth Ellen Mc says it's received more than twenty seven, thousand pre orders. That's one point four, billion dollars worth of trucks. NCO Burns says its first years worth of trucks are now sold out. That is if it can raise the money, it needs to actually make them l.. AMC. Bought the Lordstown Ohio GM plant that shutdown last year when GM killed the last Chevy Cruz that six million square foot plant needs retooling, which is costly MC plans to raise about six hundred and seventy five million dollars through its IPO. That boatload of cash could help it come through on its boast to be first to market among a group of EV pickup truck competitors in addition to Tesla that group includes Ford GM Nikola and Arabian a company backed by Ford and Amazon. So, here's the obvious L.. He doesn't yet have a product just a prototype if you're wondering how the young startup can go public without a product you should be. L. EMC is one of a handful of electric vehicle makers employing what's called a reverse merger that means the company that plans to make a product like LLC hooks up with the so-called blank check business. It's also called a special purpose acquisition company. SPAC. Is doing the reverse merger with a blank check company called Diamond Peak Holdings. Diamond peak is already publicly traded that means when the merger occurs. LLC. MC becomes public sort of like easing into a coat someone else has been wearing. This back door IPO method is easier for companies to do. They don't have to produce expensive roadshow's. Also, avoid a great deal of financial scrutiny by the SEC. One of the most famous reverse murders was Richard Branson's space company Virgin Galactic, Holdings and Fantasy Sports Company draftkings went public in a three billion dollar reverse merger. Last year according to the A. Times. The number of reverse mergers hit a record high last year. That's because the IPO market was volatile and high profile IPO's like Uber Fared. Poorly. It ain't cheap to build a new car company but Tesla's successes inspiring other entrepreneurs to try and they need oodles of money that helps to explain why another electric truckmaker nickel motors used a reverse merger to go public in June and vehicle-maker. FISKER has a reverse merger in the works. The is green truckmakers may see these back door IPO's as the speediest way to raise the cash needed to fight he'll in musk and rapidly launched their new products. Tesla's promising to deliver the cyber took by late twenty, twenty one which means that the deadline to beat yes. It may be tough to knock Tesla on it's pedestal, but LLC and a raft arrivals are sure going to try.

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