Dallas - Fire Rages At North Texas Plastics Manufacturing Plant


Our top stories. His fire in Grand prayer has been burning. Through most of the night and all morning long, big fire in a plastics warehouse could continue to burn through tomorrow We're being told now Carly's Allen's Kaya joins us live from the scene in Grand Prairie with the latest talent. Like this fire started right around midnight. And even now they're pouring steady streams of water on the flames. Smoke billowing from this plastics plant. You can see the smoke from miles around into the city of Arlington, too. People who live in the neighborhood just north of this plant have been coming out to a park nearby to take pictures and videos. I had to get out of here I am looking at it like this people was and anything can happen, But it's just individual being around you guys. You know you want everybody else to see it is the Grand Prix Fire says a power line appears to have fallen on some plastic sheeting at the Poly America Plastics Factory. Nobody was hurt, but crews from Grand Prairie Irving Dallas, Cedar Hill in V F W Airport, the royalty out here helping. They also got Bush Turnpike closed. Marshall. They're worried the fire is damaged. Towers for high tension power lines they could collapse onto the highway. They've also cut power to some areas re rather than others. A railcar is also exploded and Grand Prairie Fire says Some of the plastic sheeting at the factory may keep burning into tomorrow Live in Grand Prairie. Alan Skyla NEWS radio 10 80 K will be

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